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A Thankful Heart

21 May 2018 | 3 Comments

May marks my blogs third birthday. Never did I ever think that I would be where I am, never did I ever think that I would have the opportunity to work with the brands that I work with today. All of this has been made possible by you guys, my readers/followers. I cringe using those terms, I have no idea why, maybe because I see you guys as more than that. You are my motivators! You, are the reason I do what I do.

When I started my blog, it was a little piece of me that I wanted to share with the world. My little fun, positive and quirky space. At that point whether I had two people reading my post or 500, I just wanted to use my blog as a creative outlet. A space where I could just be myself. Fast forward three years later and now all I want to do is to use my space to inspire people, to motivate them and to reassure those lost souls out there that they aren’t alone. It’s so easy as a blogger to just sit behind a screen, preaching positivity, sharing products he/she loves, posting gorgeous pictures – when in reality your life is far from that. That’s why I started the Fashion with Passion posts. I wanted to share with you my bad days, my ideas on how to overcome shitty situation and mostly importantly to let you know that no matter your struggle, things will be OK. You just have to adjust your mind set, take a few steps back and take a deep breath.

I’ve mentioned ones mindset many a times in my blog posts and it’s really the one thing that I truly believe in. Your mind is an extremely powerful tool, use it correctly and you will achieve greatness. It’s so easy to throw your hands up in the air and to say “I give up” – if I had one dollar for every time I’ve said that I would honestly be a millionaire. I’ve reached a point where, if the plan I had isn’t working out the way I wanted, then I allow myself to have a bit of a shit fit, because getting rid of frustration is important, once I’m done being a brat and feeling sorry for myself. I pick myself up and give myself the following pep talk:

”Everything happens for a reason, no journey would be an interesting tale to tell if there weren’t any speed bumps and maybe a flat tyre.  So just change the damn tyre.”

I remind myself that any sort of progress is impossible without changing the way I see the situation. Your mind believes whatever you choose to feed it. So feed it some love and positivity and trust me that, that in itself will take you further. It’s as easy as that. If I can give you any solid advice it would be that. My year hasn’t exactly turned out the way I was hoping it would but thankfully I have taught myself to see the sliver lining in every situation.

Throughout this year I have received messages from you guys that have MELTED my heart, that have left me teary eyed. Those messages are my greatest gifts and I wish there was some way that I could show you just how grateful I am for all that you have done for me. I decided to run competitions throughout the month of May, to give back, and as exciting as they are it breaks my heart that I can’t pull an Oprah and just start shouting – “look under your chairs!!! You’re getting one and you’re getting one… EVERYONE IS GETTING ONE.” Until that day all I can truly do is dedicate this blog post to you, so thank you! Thank you for the endless messages, for the interaction, thank you for my opportunities and thank you for your kindness. And promise you this, I will never stop being real, I will never stop trying to give you guys amazing content, I will continue to inspire and motivate you as much as I possibly can.

Everyone seems to have a little group name for all there readers and so I’ve decided to call mine “My Mona Tribe” – those of you that follow me over on Instagram will know that name. Mona Lisa is my whining and bitching persona, she comes out every now and then to complain and vent about shitty life situation, those stories seem to make people laugh and if my misery can bring others joy then I will gladly be miserable for ya’ll hahaha. We all have a little Mona in us, a good bitching session can let off a lot of steam. So never stop bitching. I hope you like the name?


These Tom Ford large check cool wool wide trousers were gifted to me and I am SO FUDGING grateful for them. They have become my Autumn/Winter obsession. I seriously can’t get enough of them. I decided to pair with this Cotton On Mili Mid Length Roll Neck Knit Sweater, a faux leather jacket and some booties. I felt super cool, I’m not going to lie. It’s probably my favorite outfit of the year. My necklace is from Lakota Inspiration (use “thatstotallyfetch” on checkout to receive 10% off) and my handbag is from Forever New. I just feel like this outfit is totally work appropriate and can be wore on a night out. Classy, Sassy and a little bit Bad Assy!






George says:

Lovely words.

Great photographs.

George says:

Lovely words.

Great photographs!

Amanda says:

Classy, sassy – and a little bit bad assy! All beautifully said, Amanda xx

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