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5 September 2016 | No Comments

Happy Monday!

Have you ever come across a quote/meme while scrolling through your social media and thought to yourself HOLY CRAP that hits the nail right on the head? Well I have had plenty of those moments lately. There was one that particularly caught my eye. “Do you ever feel like Cinderella? Not the happily ever  fter part. The part where all she does is give and give of herself, doing everything and anything for others and receives nothing in return?”

Lately I’ve been feeling like this. I know that you shouldn’t expect others to treat you the way you treat them because most of the time you setting yourself up for disappointment but it’s hard not to expect it. I’ve seen it and experienced it way too much lately, where people would rather put you down or rain on your parade than encourage and support you. It’s quite sad actually. What kind of satisfaction could you really get out of putting a damper on someone else’s shine? Many people have developed this “well if it doesn’t benefit me” attitude. Are you that self-involved that you couldn’t be bothered to help your friends and family achieve success or happiness? Some people really are like a bag of pampers… self absorbed and full of shit. You can’t change these people. You have to learn to ignore them and not let their attitude effect your moment. All I got to say is SHINE BABY! SHINE! Turn a blind eye to the negativity and know that you will achieve greatness.

 I don’t know why I let these things get to me. Maybe because I am the type of person that will encourage and support the people in my life to the best of my ability even if their interests don’t practically match mine. I love seeing my friends and family succeed, I love seeing them happy. Surely helping others should bring a person great satisfaction? I truly believe that by helping others achieve their dreams, you’ll end up achieving yours too. I have realised though, that this is something I can not change. You can’t force people to be supportive. I have realised who is worth all my effort and who isn’t. You have to surround yourself with the dreamers, the positive souls, the people that see the greatness in you and the people that will bask in your glory and you in theirs. Together you can achieve greatness. So to all the Cinderella’s out their, your time is coming. Don’t stop being kind to people. As Cinderella said: “Have courage and be kind. Where there is kindness, there is goodness and where there is goodness there is magic.”

This gorgeous Millie Halter dress from Forever New made me feel like a Disney Princess. The dress is so elegant and trendy. It really is the perfect dress for a fancy cocktail party. I paired them with my favourite gold glitter Madison heels.

GDG Photography (20)

GDG Photography (28)

GDG Photography (27)

GDG Photography (23).

GDG Photography (26)

GDG Photography (29).

Dress – Forever New

Shoes – Madison

Thank you to GDG Photography for capturing my moment.

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The team at GDG Photography are super professional, fun and the work really is incredible. No matter the occasion, they will capture every special moment.

Have a wonderful day and remember be kind to people.




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