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FitChef Elements Range Review

25 April 2017 | No Comments

Hello Munchkins,

It has definitely been a minute since I last blogged. There is a reason for that, but that’s for another post. Winter is approaching for the Southern Hemisphere and that means hearty meals. I always used winter as my excuse for eating badly but not this year. I’m sticking by the whole “your summer body is made in winter” cos guuuurrrrrrlllllll I really don’t want to roll into summer in 5 months time. Many of us are looking for that quick fix and there is no such thing. All these extreme diets that we all go on are great for short term goals but suck for long term goals. You lose 10kgs in no time and then pick up 20kgs once you go off.

If you follow me on social media you would have seen that I posted a quick pic of FitChef’s new Elements range. Some of you may know that I did try out their prepped meals last year August and did a full post review {read here…}. So how is their Elements range different from the kit I reviewed last year. Well… the concept here is basically build your own meal. Everyone, including myself, always uses the excuse that they don’t have time to prep their meals, well, FitChef has now done all the prepping for you. The kit comes with small portions of Carbs, Veggies, Proteins, Toppings & Sauces. FitChef is all about living a healthy lifestyle. Their food does not contain any preservatives, additives, no sugar or artificial sweetener and no highly refined ingredients. They source only the top quality ingredients.

I quite like this concept and enjoyed my meals A LOT more than the other Ready-to-Eat Meals. I enjoyed the taste better and I enjoyed being able to pick and choose what I felt like eating for the day. Again I still feel the portions are a little too small for men, they have one portion size for all, so maybe coming out with a men’s and woman’s range of Elements might be a good idea?! I know that these meals would definitely not be enough for S. I loved the convenience of the whole concept, I didn’t have a mess to clean up. I loved the chicken nuggets, beef strips, pumpkin, mushroom sauce and mashed butternut. However I didn’t enjoy the boerewors pieces and meatballs.

So what do I think of FitChef’s new concept and do I think it’s worth it? Well, It is definitely super easy and so convenient. Convenience is what we need in today’s day and now there are absolutely no excuses as to why you can’t eat healthy. If you are unsure as to weather or not you will enjoy the meals and don’t want to make a big order off the bat then you can pop into a Sasol Garage and purchase one of their on the go meals to try out. FitChef has also recently just launched their products at Dischem in Nicol-way Shopping Centre and at the Three Rivers Spar, Vereeniging. They will be launching in more stores in the near future. Otherwise you can simply order online by following the below link:

One thing that I can say I totally disagree with is FitChef’s statement that “calorie counting is a myth.” As my dear S has taught me – whether your goal is gaining weight or losing weight, it doesn’t always come down to the type of food you are consuming but actually how many calories you are consuming. It all comes down to consistency and trying to create a lifestyle in which you are aware of the amount of calories you are putting into your body. Quality of food is definitely important but so is quantity. I have seen first hand how calorie counting works.

A big tip, if you are planning on ordering online, make sure you have a decent amount of freezer space. You get quite a bit of food. I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount that I received. You can ask FitChef to do a split delivery for you just in case you don’t have enough space. Another thing from Fit Chef that I enjoy are their smoothies. Refreshing and SUPER healthy. If you are planning to try out Fit Chef, let me know your thoughts.

If you are planning to build your summer body in winter, or just want to be more conscious of what you are eating. S is busy working a nutrition guide soon, which will give you basic guidelines of how to reach your goals for the long run. If you are interested follow the link below and sign up so that you receive a reminder as soon as it is complete.

Remember to stay Fabulous.




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