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4 August 2016 | 2 Comments

Hi Munchkins,

Today’s post is something a little different. It’s not fashion or beauty related but dietary related. I am possibly the worst person when it comes to eating clean. I can’t stay away from chocolates, burgers, pizzas, doughnuts… DAMMIT now I’m hungry. So when I received a package from FitChef I felt like it was a sign from the universe telling me to get my ass into gear. As we have all heard summer bodies are made in winter. I was quite excited to try out all that they had sent me – ready-made lunches, smoothies, brownies.

Let me tell you a bit about FitChef before I get into my review. FitChef is currently the leading company in healthy and convenient food. They are well known for their 21 day Challenge Kit. Your kit can be delivered straight to your door or you can collect. Their meals are free from chemical preservatives, colourants, additives and any other highly refined ingredients. There is no sugar in any of their meals nor is there any refined salt. Their aim is to provide low carb and high fibre meals. FitChef only uses meat that is free range/grass-fed and are free from growth hormones and routine antibiotics. FitChef’s aim is not only to provide a diet but more of a lifestyle. There are a range of kits that you can choose from to suit your daily needs.

So what did I think of my FitChef experience. I loved the convenience of having my lunches already made and not having to worry about popping out of the office to purchase a Woolworths salad. All I had to do was take out one of the frozen meals and by lunch it was defrosted and ready to get into my belly. Every day for lunch I had a warm meal, a smoothie along with a snack. Sadly I wasn’t a huge fan of ALL the meals that I had eaten. Some of them became very watery after I had popped them into the microwave to heat up. My favourite meals included the Chicken with roasted veggies and Caulirice, Chicken & Pesto with Wholewheat Penne Pasta and Pesto Veg Wholewheat Penne Pasta.

I absolutely loved the smoothies. They were so delicious and refreshing. I was so skeptical about the beetroot smoothie because I loathe beetroot but to my surprise I really enjoyed it. My favourite though was the Spinach, Apple, Pear & Banana. TWAS DEE-LICIOUS! In my snack pack I had biltong, muffins, brownies and salted chocolate cashews. The brownies were so delicious and again they had my least favourite vegetable as the main ingredient… beetroot. The muffins I was not a fan of at all, you could taste the cacao powder and that put me off them sadly. I didn’t experience any weight loss, I did only eat FitChef for lunch every day. So I can’t fairly comment on how successful it is as a weight loss program however it has worked for friends that are on it. Although I must say I loved that I did not feel bloated after the meals. 




So my final verdict on the #EatClean lifestyle brand. If you are serious about a healthier lifestyle and you want to drop a bit of weight but don’t have the time to prep your own meals then try it out. I however don’t think the meals are enough for a man. I know my human would starve if he went on this eating plan. As mentioned previously, I didn’t necessarily enjoy all the meals given to me but remember that all our taste buds are different. This is simply my experience with the FitChef meals. I think the concept is really great and will probably work for someone else but sadly not for me. I have read many great reviews and many people have loved their journey with FitChef. With regards to affordability, it is debatable. I personally don’t think it is super affordable, many people will disagree with me on this I know. 

Have you any of you tried out FitChef? If so, I would love to hear what your experience was like?

Thank you so much to FitChef for the meals!





Vanessa Christiane says:

Good for you!
The meals look xceptonally delicious

We aren’t major take away peeps as we live in a rural area so we don’t have any franchis restaurants.

We try and eat healthily – somewhat. We have obviously not tried fit chef but I have read many great reviews!

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