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Garnier SkinActive 96% Natural Origin

31 July 2018 | No Comments

Oh yeah, I’m back with yet ANOTHER skincare review. It’s an obsession okay, I can’t help it.

A few weeks back I got invited to the launch of Garnier’s New SkinActive 96% Natural Origin’s range. The launch came just in time as my BABOR Hy-Ol was coming to an end and I was planning on purchasing a new one. Before we get into my experience with the Skin Active 96% Natural Origin range, I thought I’d tell you a bit about what the range has to offer.

This new complete plant-based line of cleansers and moisturizers routine is made with 96% natural origin ingredients and no paraben, silicone or synthetic colorants. The remaining 4% of ingredients ensure a sensoriality and good preservation of our formulas.

Because we trust nature , we have selected the best natural origin ingredients and combined them in high-performance formulas to answer the needs of all skin types. 

From the range there are three types of products available in South Africa. There is the Aloe Vera (Blue Bottle), Rose Water (Pink Bottle) and Green Tea (Green Bottle). There is a little something for everyone.

  • Aloe Vera Extract is known for its hydrating properties. It removes excess sebum, impurities and pollution for perfectly clean, fresh and hydrated skin.
  •  Rose Water is known for its soothing powers. It gently, yet efficiently removes any traces of make up and impurities while leaving the skin feeling perfectly soothed. This is perfect for all skin types.
  • Green Tea extract is known for its purifying powers. It efficiently removes excess sebum, impurities and pollution for perfectly clean and purified looking skin.

Garnier was kind enough to give me the Aloe Vera range to try out. I have been using it for the past two weeks and thought it was time to write up a bit of a review about it. I did a first impressions over on my InstaStory, and if you watched that, you would have seen that my skin did go slightly red after I used the gel wash and toner. My skin did feel a slight tingly sensation but once I applied the moisturizer the tingling stopped, however the redness remained. The next morning my face was completely fine and I didn’t experience the same reaction to the product again.

The smell of this product is probably one of my most favorite things. It smells so fresh, it truly is divine. I love that the gel wash comes in a pump bottle, purely because you have total control over how much product comes out and it’s obviously more hygienic. If your makeup application is on the lighter side then a once off cleanse should do the job. I have picked up that if my makeup is on the heavier side, that a double cleanse might be necessary. So I’ll dip into my Garnier Micellar Water first or alternatively you can just wash your face twice. I love that the gel wash, doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight at all. Just super fresh and clean.

As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of toners. I have absolutely no valid reason as to why I don’t enjoy them, I just don’t (haha, and typing this out I realize just how ridiculous that sounds). To be quite honest, I don’t have any negative things to say about the toner, other than the fact that mine doesn’t close properly and I have had the product spill all over my travel bag twice. It might be that my bottle is just faulty. It removes any traces of  makeup that I might have missed while cleansing, my skin doesn’t feel dry after and just like the gel wash, the smell is lovely.

The third and final step to this range is the botanical day cream (which I’ve been using as a night cream as well). The moisturizer comes in a small tube but a little product goes a long way. The cream is enriched with antioxidants to help protect your skin from the harsh environment. The product is very lightweight which I’m happy about, I can’t stand heavy creams for my face. It absorbed into my skin very quickly and left my skin feeling super refreshed. Again the smell is just so lovely, haha I’m all about the smell, okay.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with the Garnier 96% Natural Origin range (it is quite the mouthful). I can’t say that its a miracle skincare product and has done a total 180 on my skin, however it’s kept my skin squeaky clean, blemish free and I haven’t had any bad reaction to the product.

The range can be purchased at any drugstore – Clicks or Dischem, as well as on Takealot Online.

Have you tried out the Garnier 96% Natural Origin range? Which is your favorite?




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