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Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures

11 July 2016 | No Comments

As we all know Disney gave us unrealistic expectations of how our hair should look. The struggle is real for most of us. It’s either too dry, too oily, too curly, too flat or not enough volume. Bad hair days can ruin everything and in most causes brings out a side of us we didn’t even know exist. One piece of advise I can give you is to NEVER give up on your hair. I once read that you should invest in your hair because it’s the one crown you never take off. I couldn’t agree more.

I put my hair through quite a bit, trying to keep it blonde is not an easy task and can cause quite a bit of damage. That is why I am constantly on the look out for great hair care products. Sadly, the really great hair care products cost a pretty penny and for the girl on a budget this just doesn’t work! I always go between high-end and budget hair care.

Today’s post is about a budget friendly hair care range. Roughly 3 months ago I was browsing through Click’s and did a double take when I saw the new Garnier Ultimate Blends range. I was torn between the Honey Treasures and the Avocado & Shea Butter range. Both smell AH-MAZING! I decided to go for the Honey Treasures Repairing range . I picked up the shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum. What really caught my eye about the Whole Blends range was that it is free from parabens, made up of natural extracts and gentle sulfates are used meaning your hair doesn’t get stripped of its natural oils and still gets squeaky clean. The natural extracts include royal jelly, honey and propolis.


garnier 4


After my first wash I was in love already, I know that you will only see a difference within 2 weeks, but the smell was heavenly, my hair was silky soft and it had such a shine to it. I was super stoked because if this was the result after the first wash I could only imagine how fabulous my hair would be after 2 weeks. The shampoo lathers well, I hate nothing more than a shampoo that lathers poorly. I love the fact that you only need to leave the mask in for 5 minutes. If you in a hurry and need a quick treatment then this is perfect! I was a little worried about using the serum because I thought that it might leave my hair slightly greasy but nope! It gave my hair the 3 “s’s” – Silky, Shiny and Smelling Stunning!

This has become my go to hair care routine. I am so glad I picked up the Honey Treasures, it has done wonders for my hair. Almost three months later and I could not be happier with the result. I do plan on trying out the Avocado and Shea Butter range, but I’m currently too in love with this one! The Ultimate Blends range costs between R39,95 – R149,95.

Have any of you tried out the new Garnier Ultimate Blends range?

You’re hair is your best accessory, so remember to look after it!




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