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Humanity Unifed Awareness

10 September 2015 | No Comments

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal” – Steve Maraboli

Life is such a fickle thing. Situations change, people change. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. I think the biggest issue we have is that we are so busy living in the future that we forget to live in the now. We are all so caught up in our own problems and struggles that it consumes us and we don’t see the potential beauty of life. We start to forget the most important things in life. To enjoy it… to live in the moment… to take each day as it comes and remember that everything will be okay because we are stronger than we think… to share with others and most importantly to help others, because by helping others you are essentially helping yourself.

Humanity 3

As much fun as it is to promote amazing beauty products and fashion brands, I think it’s just as important to set that aside and shed some light on organisations that are trying their best to make a difference to the world. One specific organisation that I feel strongly deserves notice is Humanity Unified.

Maria and Anthony Russo started up Humanity Unified to help empower women around the world through educational and agricultural programmes which help break the cycle of poverty. Their most recent mission was to Rwanda where they met a lady by the name of Peace. Having nothing herself, Peace opened up her home to woman that suffered with PTSD  after the genocide. Many of the woman had lost their husbands and were left to fend for themselves and some for their children too. Peace started up an organisation called Aspire, where she teaches woman literacy and vocational skills as well as training in sustainable agriculture methods that provide these woman with food security and economic opportunities. Peace has even opened up childcare facilities so the women can leave their children in a safe and educational environment while they get their necessary training. This truly touched my heart. Not only is Peace an incredible and selfless woman, she is an inspiration.

Humanity Unified works along side Humanity Unified International, a non-profit organisation. They work together to raise funds for Aspire and other local organisations that are trying to empower and help woman and children. 100% of their net profits go towards helping the organisations. They are currently working on building a new educational centre for woman. Humanity Unified raises funds by selling cute graphic tees. And I personally think that one can never have too many graphic tees. The tees range from $25-$35. The quality is great and knowing that the money goes to an unbelievable cause makes it that much better.


Check out Humanity Unified’s page and make your little bit of a difference. Help the organisation provide the necessary skills and education to woman and children that need it. Help create a better future. You can even join their team by traveling along with them on their missions or apply for an internship.

Wishing you all a fabulous day!



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