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6 May 2016 | No Comments








Well Brrr… it is starting to get chilly up in here! Every year I try convince myself that winter is an awesome time of year but I honestly spend most of it hibernating on my couch, munching on popcorn and watching repeats of my favourite series. I have no desire to go out in that miserable weather. When winter hits I purchase at least 2 new coats, giving myself some kind of reason to leave my cave. I have really poor blood circulation so my hands and feet are constantly cold. I have bought thermal socks and gloves to save myself the agony and it’s never helped. Hence why I hibernate. Grumpy Dee is really unpleasant. If anyone has any suggestion on how I can battle the cold hands and feet, then fire away. I have tired almost everything.

This Forever New Gilet has definitely become an autumn favourite. The gilet is quite versatile. The hood can be removed, but I quite like it on. For some reason the faux fur, ripped jeans and high tops made me feel like I was from “the hood” lol. I am trying to find ways to embrace winter, dress up is one of those ways. I have my eye on the Forever New Parka, for my friends and family reading this post… my birthday is coming up. *Hint Hint* The burgundy one. Thanks 🙂

Gilet – Forever New

White Tee & Ripped Jeans – Cotton On

High Tops – Steve Madden

How do you go about making the best of winter? Thank you GDG Photography for snapping this outfit for me <3

Keep warm and stay stylish <3



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