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4 August 2015 | No Comments

Hello Munchkins,

Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened on my Instagram account this past June. 

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insta 5

Currently my favourite fragrance. It is just so devine.

insta 6

Keeping cosy this winter in my slouchy Mango sweater.

insta 3

My hood! People have such a misconception of what South Africa looks like. It’s so beautiful and diverse.

insta 4

My June makeup spoils. A girl can never have too much makeup.

insta 2

My go to makeup look. Simple and super pretty. You can’t go wrong when your winged liner game is strong.

insta 1

Longing for Summer & the beach. Winter must end now!

Instagram account – ohsochic_sa

Wishing you a fantastic day!



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