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Just Start! Just Do It!

4 December 2017 | 11 Comments

Hello Lovelies,

I am struggling to wrap my head around the fact that 2017 is almost over. It’s 21 days until Christmas and then 27 days until we say bonjour to 2018. It scares me a little as to how fast time actually passes us without us even noticing it. I started reflecting back on the year, and even though its come and basically gone, I feel like it has been a good one. Aside from one teeny tiny thing, my fitness. I have never ever been a very sporty individual, nor have I ever really been into the whole fitfam, fitspo, fit whatever you want to call it lifestyle. I mean, I’ll work out but it’s not as if I thrive on going to the gym. Some of you will know that S is quite into his fitness and health. Me on the other hand, I’m very into my chocolate spread and couch. You would think that dating someone like S would help motivate me but it doesn’t. This year has been a colossal fail, when it comes to the fitness side of things, if I gymed 5 times this year then its an absolute miracle. It’s actually really bad and it’s affected me more than I realize. Aside from the obvious – appearance – I have zero energy. I feel as if I am in a rut and I’m seriously not liking it at all. For three weeks, every Monday morning, I try convince myself that after work I will go to gym and give it my all or as I’d like to say, “I’m gonna smash it.”. Well guess what? It hasn’t happened. I’ve been trying to find some sort of motivation, in hopes that this will push me to get my ass off the couch and into gear, I even went as far as doing an InstaStory about it. Hoping that the gorgeous woman out there would give me a push in the right direction. I soon realized that, the fact that I’m not where I want to be is all the motivation I need.

So I have decided that the best way to get myself back into the swing of things is to ease myself into it. The only person stopping me from feeling great again…is me. I just keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race. I want to get fit again but it will take some time and you know what? That’s OK! I started off my new journey with a trip to the park with the dogs. A good hour walk, I threw in a bit of a jog, soaked up some vitamin D and I felt great afterwards. A little progress each day goes a long way. I’m not training for a marathon or any sort of competition. I am doing this for myself, so why not take the time to enjoy the process. Every path in life starts somewhere, and if you just stick it out, the destination will be incredible. That is what today’s blog post is about, motivating you to just start. Whether its a walk around the block, 10 squats or meditation to get into the right frame of mind. Just do it. You will thank yourself down the line. Change isn’t always fun and it can even make you uncomfortable but the only way to grow is to push through the uncomfortable zone, enjoy the process and ultimately get to know yourself more. Get to know your limits. You will land up surprising yourself, with how far you can go when you put your mind to something. My urge to be fit again has nothing to do with me wanting a summer body. I have never been a skinny girl and I’m OK with that. My arms jiggle, I can make my tummy talk and my butt is saggy. That’s me. If during this journey those things improve then fan-fudging-tastic, if they don’t well, then my dreams of a Khloe Kardashian bod is exactly that, a dream. My main goal is getting my mind set right, getting my energy levels up and just feeling good. Will it be easy? Hell nah. My butt and the couch have this unspoken bond, there’s a magnetic force there that is so powerful but I have to fight that attraction. I will refuse to stop until I am proud of where I am. I know that I will have my bad days and that it totally normal. Have your bad day, you have earned it but the next day get up and fudge shit up. Don’t just apply this positive outlook to the fitness side of things, apply it to everything. Do you want to take up a new hobby? Do you want to start your own company? Do you want to do a course in photography? Whatever it is, wish less and do more.

Stop telling yourself that Monday is the day, no it’s not. Today is the day (which so happens to be a Monday… LOL, good going Dee). You have to discipline yourself and stop limiting yourself. By the time Monday comes you will come up with some other excuse to push it out another week. If you want something bad enough, then work for it. Life without challenges is boring. Trust me, if I can adjust my mindset then so can anyone. I am the laziest and the most stubborn person I know.

Another thing that I find motivates me to work out, is buying/wearing cute gym attire. If I feel that I look good, I automatically feel good. There are people out there that couldn’t give a rats ass as to how they look when working out but I do. And if it’s another thing that’s going to give me that extra push then why the hell not. Glam on and Sweat on, that will be my motto. Gym gear isn’t cheap, in fact I use to get annoyed going shopping for any sort of tights or gym tees until I came across the range at Cotton On. Cotton on has some of the cutest gym gear. Their tights are exactly how I like my tights – high waisted, tight and comfortable. I picked up these tights from the Cotton On factory outlet for R250.00. BARGAIN! This Cotton On tee I picked up for R100.00. BARGAIN AGAIN!!! The black sports bra was R200.00… you know I’m going to say it. BARGAIN! All in all, I spent R550.00 on 3 items and I am pretty darn chuffed. Nike and Adidas tights alone are about R600.00. As much as they have some incredible patterns and technology, I’m not about that life. R550.00 it totally doable in my eyes. And finally let’s not forget my basic bitch shoes, I love my Nike Roshe shoes, they are super comfortable.



S and I are playing around with our photography and editing. These pictures aren’t my usual bright and bold but I kind of like them. If you are here for the bright and bold images then please bare with. I have just recently downloaded Lightroom to improve my editing again and I am having so much fun trying out new things. I hope that’s OK?

Remember your dreams are as hungry as your demons. Make sure you are feeding the right ones.





Sharne says:

Thank you so much for this motivation. I needed it.I also battle to get my fitness in.I need to just take it slow and not be hard on myself this really helped thanx a million.❤❤❤.Looking forward to another youtube videos. Love your videos?

Dee says:

AW YAY! This makes my heart so happy. Take it easy hun, one step at a time! I promise there will be a video one out soon ❤❤❤❤

Danica says:

Wow !!! This blog is so beautifully layed outand not to mention the posts are amazing !!! And this post is soooooo motivational and it’s something we need as we’re so close to entering a new year !! Keep up the good work ❤❤

Dee says:

Ah Wow Danica! This has made my day – thank you so very much! ❤❤❤❤ I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

Nena says:

You put it so well!! I’m also in a bit of a funk when it comes to gym. Even though I love going to gym I’ve just become lazy and I haven’t gone for weeks!! So thank you for the motivation! ? New gear is definitely a good motivator! So maybe I need to get some new gym clothes ?

Dee says:

Ease into it again and you will be at it again in no time. ❤❤

vanessa christiane says:

Hi there; I trust you are well – just a question I have not been on social media for quite a while due to various reasons medical being one – is it normal that a cross comes up next to my post?

Many thanks wishing you and your family an amazing Festive Season; a great and safe New Year and that you have an awesome 2018.

Dee says:

Hi Vanessa 🙂 What do you mean a cross?
Thank you so very much for the wishes ❤❤ Wishing you a joyous festive season! ❤❤

vanessa christiane says:

Hi again there is an ‘x’ sorry not a cross next to my comment – pethaps thats just the way it is as its my comments? These Social Media programmes update continually so I had not ever seen that before.

Its my pleasure and thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly.

Best regards

Mariska Goussard says:

I also need to get my butt in gear regarding exercise! It’s so hard to start, but then after a while you can’t really go without it anymore. Agree with you that stunning workout clothes are a HUGE motivational factor. Loved your post and thank you for the motivation. PS: pictures are stunning too!

Dee says:

Exactly that, you just need to add it into your routine and before you now it, it will become second nature 🙂 Im so glad you enjoyed the post ❤❤ Thanks for reading!

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