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Lash Lift

12 October 2016 | No Comments

Hello Beauties,

Back in the day when I worked for Inglot Cosmetics, I constantly had ladies coming into the store asking what mascara they can buy to get bigger and bolder eyelashes. Sadly, mascara can only do so much. The struggle is real for ladies with straight or short lashes. The adverts that you come across with models that have lashes for days are so deceiving because they smack on false lashes to make the product super appealing. We all fall for it, but a makeup bag is simply not complete without mascara.

So to all the ladies out there that struggle with their lashes, I have an incredible solution. An Eyelash Lift! Now for those of you that have a brain like my boyfriend, this is not surgery. You will not have your eye cut open, in fact no sharp object will go near your eye. I took a trip to Falon from Wink & Whisper to try it out. The process is very simple and takes a rough 45mins. I thought I would walk you through the process just to show you that it’s not daunting at all.

While lightly holding your eyes shut a silicone shield is applied as close as possible to your eyelash line (1). Your eyelashes are then coated with a special adhesive to isolate them and are wrapped backwards around the silicone pad (2).  This holds the lashes in a curl. A perming lotion is then applied to your lashes with a tiny brush (3). The lotion is left to develop for 7-15 minutes. Once the lotion has developed, it is removed and a nourishing agent is then added for a 7-15 minutes (4). AND FINITO… gorgeous curly lashes.


I am absolutely in love with the results. I now only apply mascara when I really want a big pop. The lash lift lasts anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks and it’s really low maintenance. The lift costs R450 and includes a lash tint. Trust me when I say its totally worth it. A quick tip: don’t be a klutz like me and rock up with mascara on.

For those of you interested and live in Johannesburg then get in touch with Falon from Wink & Whisper. She does a job as you can see from the result. She also does micro-blading and lash extensions. Check out her social media:

Facebook – Wink & Whisper

Instagram – Wink & Whisper

or contact her on 082 597 3945 to make your booking.

Have a FABuLASH day beauties!





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