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Monday Preaching

12 March 2018 | No Comments


Hello Lovelies,

Three years ago I decided to start my blog. I needed a creative outlet. I needed something that was my own, a space where I could be myself, write about things that mattered to me and share things that I love. I really enjoyed the whole process from putting my blog together, to coming up with content to interacting with new people. It was all about having fun, bettering myself, sharing my experiences and meeting new people. Three years later I’ve gone through all of that and more.

The blogging world has exploded over that last few years, well not just the blogging world, more like the internet. From MySpace to Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and Youtube. It’s hard to keep up with all the social medianess (I made up my own word, k). It’s crazy to see how big it’s all become but at the same time it’s also sad. I started my blog because I needed to find something I was passionate about again, and I did. Through blogging I realized how passionate I was about photography, videography – content creating in general (it took a good two years but better late than never). Nowadays some of the main reasons why some girls and boys are starting blogging & vlogging is to get “free shit”, to become Insta Famous because that’s what “goals” are today and to make money out of it because it’s supposedly easy. People are actually contacting bloggers with bigger followings to ask them for their brand contacts because and I quote “I also want free makeup.” DAFAQ!!! How is that mindset ok? Nothing is for free.

 I read an article not so long ago, about the youth of today, the first line read Becoming a successful YouTube star has become the dream of one in three children aged six to 17 in the UK.” I find that to be so bizarre and extremely scary.

The blogger/vlogger/influencer world, has become SO unbelievably saturated. It’s become a popularity contest. It’s got to do with your following, how many likes your picture has, how many people sing your praises, how many people tell you that “you are goals”, how many companies send you products, creating this “picture perfect” life on social media so people think you are the fucken shit. And for what? Why are you obsessing over a number? Why is this urge to be “rich and famous” consuming you? Who are you trying to impress? It’s become something so unhealthy. It’s created monsters out of people and it has made people think that they entitled. To crack YouTube right now is almost impossible, it’s more complex than just uploading a video and having people subscribe to your channel.

I won’t lie about two years ago, I almost gave up blogging. I felt really low at the time and felt like I was putting in a lot of effort into something that was taking me nowhere. I lost my drive for it because I wanted what others had, I kept comparing myself to other bloggers all the time, I fixated on my numbers. To think that was me two years ago, makes me REAL SAD. I’m glad that I came to my senses, and realized my blog was for me, my pretty pictures were for me, my content was for me and that’s all that mattered. My blog and social media was/is a place to express myself and have fun. To hell with everything else.  Nowadays the only reason I get a little down about my engagement or likes is when I feel extremely proud of something I have done and it’s not getting the recognition that I hoped it would or when I’ve teamed up with a brand to promote something and again people aren’t reacting to it, it makes me sad for the brand because they had high hopes that I could deliver and I guess I failed them.

Never in a million years did I think that I would have the opportunity to work with brands (and side note even if I wasn’t I would STILL be blogging). Never in a million years did I think I would get sent stuff. I uttered those words to a friend once and she turned to me and said “You deserve it though, you have worked so hard.” Funny enough, it hasn’t felt like hard work at all. I’ve just been having fun. Sure preparing content, coming up with original ideas, arranging your flat lays, editing and so on take up time but when you love it, it’s worth it.

I guess the point of this blog was to rant a little and to say stop trying to find the easy way out or the easy thing to do. Find something that is right for you. If you are in it because of the wrong reasons then no amount of stardom and free products will make you happy. Don’t get too caught up in the world of social media, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The bigger you get in it, the scarier it gets. I find it overwhelming and I’m still a small fish in this infested social pool. Sometimes its good to switch off, there’s a lot more to life than making top dollar and having social media friends.





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