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Nyx Chunky Dunk

9 April 2016 | 1 Comment

Nyx Balm 2

Nyx Balm3

Hi Honeys,

This Joburg chill has me feeling rather sad. I don’t think I’m quite ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. Over the years I have come to love winter fashion but not the weather that comes with it. The gloomy skies and chill in the air makes me want to hibernate until brighter and prettier days. However, seeing that hibernation is not an option, one must make the best of every situation. I’ll have to brighten things up with fabulous outfits and great makeup. Talking about great makeup…

For those of you that are not aware, I am a huge fan of Nyx cosmetics. Their products are well priced, well pigmented and are cruelty free. Today’s post is about Nyx’s Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie. I noticed these lippies a few months back and recently decided to give them a go. At first I bought three, as Clicks was having their 3 for 2 special. The look of the lippies remind me of crayons from my childhood. The packaging is super cute as usual. They have a twisty thingy at the bottom, so no sharpener is needed and no product wastage. YAY! I loathe product wastage, like when you have that little bit of foundation left in the bottom of the bottle but you can’t get any product out and you know you can get AT LEAST two more uses out of what’s in there!!!! *and I take a deep breath* Whoooooossssaaaa. So ya… there is none of that with the Nyx hydrating lippie.

The product glides onto your lips with such ease, it has a super smooth texture to it. It is so lightweight that it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything on your lips, which is a HUGE “Yes, please!” in my books. I thought that the lippie would simply be a tinted balm but its totally buildable. Depending on your mood you can opt for a more sheer application or a bolder one. If you are looking to make a statement with the color, you can always line your lips with a liner in a similar color and pop the Chunky Dunk on top. So with regards to the pigmentation, taking into account that this is a sheer lip product, I would give it a thumbs up. I was pleasantly surprised and didn’t expect the product to be as buildable as it is.

My lips have been a wee bit dry lately, so I have steered clear of anything mattifying, these lippies were exactly what I needed. They don’t leave my lips looking dry and they keep my lips rather moisturized, making this product great for winter. It’s not a very long wearing product but then again which sheer lip product is. However, I have noticed that the darker shades leave a slight stain on the lips once they have worn off. Here are the lip swatches:

1 and 2

1 and 2

nyx college2

2 and 3

5 and 6

4 and 5


1.Peach Fuzzy

2.Hibiscus Tea Punch

3.Pink Bikini

4.Rum Punch

5.Pomegranate Margarita

6.Cherry Smash

How Cute are the names?!

The Chunky Dunk lippies come in 12 different shades. I am not sure how many of these shades are available in South Africa. I loved them so much that I went an purchased another 3 colors. So my collection sits at 6… 6 more to go! They retail at R124.95 at major Clicks stores. These lippies are definitely getting the stamp of approval in my “Is it Fetch?” book. If you have tried them out, let me know what you think?

Have a fabulous day lovelies.





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