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Roxanne’s Rum Eatery Review

11 January 2018 | No Comments

“Good Food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends.”

After my op I was home bound for a bit and the cabin fever hit hard at a stage. The first opportunity I had to go out I grabbed. There was only one place on my mind that I really wanted to go to and that was Roxanne’s Rum Eatery in Fourways, Johannesburg. So many people were posting about this new restaurant and the FOMO was so real ya’ll. I booked a table for S, my friend Michelle and I, & I was beyond excited.

Before diving into my thoughts on the decor, food and the vibe I thought I would give you a back story. I found this description of Roxanne’s on their Facebook page and I totally dig it:

“Roxanne always got her kicks from being true to herself, her heart, to her friends. She was the kind of girl who broke, fixed and stole hearts. A head-turner who kept her own head one step ahead of the game. She worked hard for her keep but she did what she pleased with it. Impulsive, sure. But she always knew what she wanted, what she was doing. When you spoke to her you felt like the only person in the world. But you knew that feeling would be fleeting. Because Roxanne, well, she was never going to be caged. Not by any man, women or god.”

After reading that I wanted to be Roxanne! Damn! The genius behind Roxanne’s Rum Eatery is Jose Pinheiro, who is also behind Craft in Parkhurst.

Roxanne’s interior decor is totally my vibe. Every corner of the space is Instagram worthy, and from a marketing point of view I think they hit the nail on the head. Beautiful wooden flooring and face brick walls with 50s style pin up girl wall art. The quirky and naughty sayings on the wall are just so much fun. It was a little strange to see that inside the restaurant they only had a ladies bathroom, although again I think it was a brilliant marketing strategy, as guys won’t take advantage to selfie it up like girls do {before the men get their panties in a twist, there is a bathroom for you, just around the corner}. Inside the bathroom is a lit up sign that reads “Trust Me, Love Me, F**k Me” – I had to get a photo with the sign and so I did (I know basic bitch alert right here). The venue is full of zest and can get anyone in a good mood, and if the interior design isn’t your thing then the cocktails will certainly do the trick!

Calling all Rum heads this is the joint for you. My absolute favorite rum cocktail is the Dita Von Teese, it has a good rum punch to it and I love the attention to detail; the cocktail is served in a martini glass with a beautiful flower on top. The names of the cocktails are just as quirky, using the names of famous woman; Adriana Lima, Josephine Baker, Penelope Cruz, Sally Rand – just to name a few. We had a few cocktails and they were all very delicious. Roxanne’s also offers drinks on tap, just in case cocktails aren’t your thing, they have R&R, Gin & tonic, Prosecco and beer on tap. AND if that’s not your jam, well then lucky for you there are a WHOLE lot of other options. Basically, Roxanne’s Rum Eatery has you covered when it comes to all things alcohol. Can I get a cheers to that?!

One thing I was really interested to take a look at, more so than the cocktails, was the food menu. As some of you may know I am on a plant-based diet (no meat or dairy), many restaurants don’t cater for us Herbies and so I was keen to see the options. The manager, Charl, was kind enough to point out their vegetarian and vegan dishes and I’m happy to say that there are a few options on the menu – although it would be great if more options were added. My heart was just happy that I didn’t have to resort to just ordering fries. For starters, we shared the beetroot hummus ball tacos and they were delicious & beautifully presented. After that, S ordered the “Where’s the bun?” burger, which is a bunless burger with two patties – the one patty is a black bean patty and the other is a chickpea and quinoa patty – totally DEE-LICIOUS! Myself and Michelle ordered the Steamy poached pear salad, I quite enjoyed mine but after tasting S’s burger I kinda wish I had ordered that. We unfortunately had no dessert as their were no options on the menu for us. Bummer but maybe it was best as the extra calories aren’t needed.

What gives Roxanne’s the extra edge is the collaboration they have with Fallen Hero’s tattoo parlour. Every Thursday night they give a customer the opportunity to get tattooed. How freaken cool is that?! I want another tattoo, DAMMIT!

Many have asked me what the pricing is like and I am going to keep it super real with you. It’s definitely not the cheapest place I have been to. My Dita Von Teese cocktail costs R89.00 for some people that’s a meal. So if you are someone that is on a budget then spend wisely, if you are on the TREAT YO’SELF TRAIN then head on down to Roxanne’s Rum Eatery. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the restaurant is family friendly, however they are kind enough to switch off the “fuck me” sign in the bathroom during the day. So if stuff like that doesn’t bother you, then I think you may love it. The staff are super friendly and well trained, so a big thumbs up for that.

Overall, we had a really pleasant experience and I definitely plan to go back. I find it quite difficult to find fun vibey places like this in Johannesburg (or maybe it’s because I don’t get out enough – LOL). If you have been to Roxanne’s let me know your thoughts?




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