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Sorbet Face Masks

31 July 2015 | No Comments

Every girl loves a good pamper session, whether it be a facial, getting your hair done or getting your nails done –  it’s all oh so heavenly to us. Sadly not all of us can afford to go for one. Spa treatments are rather pricey these days and when you’re on a tight budget it really is the last thing you’d spend your money on. Life sucks sometimes but a girl has to make a plan.

Today I am doing a review on the Sorbet Face Masks. I have been testing the masks out for about two months and I must say I am pretty darn impressed. My skin was very dry and I started breaking out because I decided to use a new skin care product. Since using the masks my skin feels super soft, hydrated and after every use I feel as if I’ve gone for a mini spa treatment. I try my best to use the masks twice a week. Sorbet recommends that for the first month you use the masks twice a week, for effective results and once a week thereafter. There are 4 masks that I have tried out: Hydrating Face Mask, Cleansing Face Mask, Smoothing Face Mask & Firming Face Mask. I love each and every one of them.


Each packet contains one application. This is not your typical face mask where you have to smear the product all over your face evenly. Sorbet’s masks come in a cut out sheet-like form and are soaked in a serum. So the application is quick and easy.


Just a heads up, you will look like that thing from Texas Chain-Saw Massacre, I managed to scare the hell out of a lady while she was passing by my kitchen window.


Each treatment lasts 15-20 minutes. So while the mask is on, I would recommend lighting some candles, sitting back and just being Zen. This is your time. Once you are done with the mask, you simply peel it off and pat dry your skin. And Voila! Gorgeous, glowy skin and for a fraction of the price. The masks range from about R34 and can be purchased at most Clicks stores.

Overall the only con I would have for the masks is the almost heart attack it gives you once it is on. Other than that I give Sorbet a big thumbs up on their facial treatments.

Let me know your views on the masks.

Keep fabulous & stay stylish!


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