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Journey of a Thousand Scents

13 May 2015 | 1 Comment

(I forgot my camera at home so please excuse the photo quality. I did pinch a few images from Stuttafords Facebook page – not sure who the photographer was so I could not give photo cred)

I attended the Stuttafords Fragrance evening hosted by the Fragrance Queen, Liz Ferrett, & the gorgeous Irina Doman, I’ll Take It All Blog. The evening was a typical girls night – loud chatter, laughter, delicious cake, champers, beauty talk and plenty of selfie moments. I definitely learned a few very interesting facts about fragrances thanks to Liz and I thought it would be very selfish to keep them all to myself.


I have always been a lover of fragrances, les-be-honest which girl doesn’t. Liz mentioned how scents can invoke memories and it couldn’t be more true. To my surprise I received Armani Code in my gift bag, this was the first fragrance I had ever received at the age of 16, I was in Serbia with my sisters visiting family. When I took a quick wiff of the fragrance, memories started flooding in. I closed my eyes for a split second and I felt like I was back home.

The fragrance wheel consists of 4 standard families: Floral, Fresh, Woody & Oriental.


Photo Cred: Stuttafords


Photo Cred: Stuttafords

Most woman stick to the rule of wearing a certain fragrance during a certain season or for a certain time of day. Well ladies, scratch that… it’s the 21st century and that rule no longer applies. A great tip we received was let your fragrance correspond with your outfit. Always remember that although you may love a million fragrances its important to have a signature.

Here are some interesting and helpful tips:

– If you suffer from dry skin, try applying some lotion onto your skin first before spraying on your perfume, this way the scent will last longer.

– Never place your fragrance in a room where temperature changes. Direct sunlight will quickly degrade the quality of your perfume, so keep it away. Bathrooms are another definite no no, the humidity in the bathroom will break down the components in your fragrance. Consider your perfume a vampire, the best place to store it is in a dark place, either in a pretty box or your makeup draw.

– Spray your perfume on the warmer parts of your body, this way it will last longer.

– The true smell of a fragrance comes out only after 30 minutes.

– Never buy a fragrance that smells good on someone else, it might not smell the same on you.

And last but not least…

– Spray your fragrance where you would want to be kissed. Ooooooo la la!

What is your favourite fragrance?

Are you a floral, fresh, woody or oriental kind of girl?



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