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Travel: Things To Do in Cape Town

23 May 2017 | 2 Comments

This blog post is so delayed but better late than never. In March S and I along with his brother and his brothers girlfriend took a well deserved trip to The Mother City, Cape Town. Every time I go back I can’t help but be in awe of that city’s beauty.

I just feel like Cape Town is on another level. There is so much to do there and in the surrounding areas. I’ve been there twice and I still haven’t been able to do everything that I’ve wanted to do. As it was S’s brothers first proper time in Cape Town we did all the touristy things possible. There is honestly a little something for everyone.

The last time I was in Cape Town we went up Table Mountain – this is a must! The view is absolutely spectacular. You can either go up in the cable cars or for the fitfam you can hike. I did a Sunset Champagne Cruise from the V&A Waterfront, through Cruise IQ, one of the best things I have ever done, we were lucky enough to see whales, dolphins, jellyfish and seals. If you are into your shopping, you will love Canal Walk. The Shopping Centre is huge and just about has every store possible. I did do a post about my previous trip to Cape Town {click here…}. This time round we did a few new things and I thought I would share them with you, just in case you are overwhelmed with decisions.

We took a trip to a little town outside of Cape Town called Kalk Bay. There we ate lunch a Cape to Cuba. SERIOUSLY, one of the coolest restaurants that I have ever been to. The vibe is just everything, from the Latin music playing to all the different chandeliers and ornaments hanging from the wall. It’s so different. The Cuban bread starter is a must. DEE-LICIOS! The cocktails there are top notch, if you looking for a hectic kick, then try their Mai Tai. LAWD have mercy! The waitress wasn’t lying when she said it was strong. To put the cherry on top you have a beautiful view of the Kalk Bay harbour. The town itself is super cute and worth exploring for a few hours. There are a lot of stores selling all sorts of bits and bobs. Take a stroll to the harbour and be sure to see lots of seals lounging in the sun.

We decide to hike Lions Head. Nothing better than being a little active while on holiday. Whoever said the hike was easy is a liar. Lol! Well at least a liar in my eyes. I struggled but I pushed through and the view at the top was totally worth the pain. We did a pit stop and went to check out Wally’s Cave. For directions to the cave, check out Life of Mike {click here…}. A word of advice go SUPER early, before the sun has even come up or go during sunset. The heat is an absolute killer and I was so sure that we’d have to call up a chopper because I almost passed out due to the heat. Take lots of water too.

My absolute favourite place to go to is Boulders Beach, Simons Town. It’s about a 50 minute drive outside of Cape Town. You may be thinking, what is so special about this beach. Well… you basically swimming with PENGUINS!! Boulders Beach is a penguin sanctuary, the water is a bit warmer this side but still pretty darn chilly. There are penguins everywhere, the beach is rather small but it’s wonderful. It was my second time at Boulders Beach and I’ll probably go there every time im in Cape Town. The entrance to the beach is R70.00 per person. Take snacks and drinks as there isn’t a store to buy things from. If the beach isn’t your thing but you still want to see penguins, you can walk along the board walk and you will see plenty. There is honestly nothing cooler than frolking in the water and then all of a sudden this little guy swims past you.

The Western Cape is very well known for its Wine Tastings. So naturally this becomes a MUST! We headed out to Paarl for a night. We didn’t visit as many wine farms as I wanted to but hey there is always next time. My favorite farm with regards to actual wine tasting was La Motte. Delicious wine and the lady that did the tasting with us was very informative. My favorite farm with regards to scenery has to be Babylonstoren. What a beautiful place. Fairview Wine Estate is also so stunning, if you are a cheese lover then you will love the wine tasting and cheese pairing. You also get to feed goats there, I was in my element, naturally. A great thing to do is the Franchhoek tram. The tram takes you from wine farm to wine farm. You get a beautiful tour of Franschhoek and you don’t have to worry about driving from farm to farm.

We also did the Spice Route. Here you can do beer tasting, chocolate tastings, wine tastings, there are a few restaurants and as always spectacular views.

We made our way to Hout Bay to do the Seal Island trip. BIG TIP… take a jacket or dress warm. The wind is a killer, even worse getting wet and then the wind blowing is something painful. The tour is about an hour and a half, you go along Chapman’s Peak (a drive that everyone should do because it is FREAKEN incredible) and then you go through to the island where there are hundreds of seals.

If you are into your surfing then make your way out to Muzienburg – the beach with the colourful houses, as I like to call it. The water is much warmer this side but beware of the Great White Sharks. No joke, the first time I ever visited the beach the siren went off twice for sharks. And anyone that knows me, knows that I have a phobia of sharks – naturally I felt like they sniffed me and that’s why they were there. This time round we did no swimming as the wind was HECTIC!

We ate some real good food while we were in the Mother City, and that probably explains my weight gain.

The restaurants that stood out the most were, obviously, Cape to Cuba in Kalk Bay.

Beluga in Greenpoint – hands down best sushi I’ve ever had – half price sushi, dim sum and cocktails during the week.

As my boyfriend is vegan we went through to a restaurant called Plant, situated in the city. I had the most delicious breakfast bowl. I won’t however, recommend the Ginger shot as I felt like a part of me died. SO VILE!

On one of our adventurous nights out, we struggled to find a restaurant that wasn’t full. We managed to find a spot in a place called Knead. The food was totally delicious, friendly service and the prices weren’t bad at all.

For the Mexican food lovers, try out Fat Cactus, also situated in town. The vibe is pretty cool, the margaritas are delicious and their flavoured tequilas are potent.

My final food stop in Cape Town is always Maestros, Woodbridge Island. The restaurant has an insane view of Table Mountain and the mussels there are just too delicious.

Hopefully some of my recommendations will help you out, if you ever plan on going to Cape Town. Which you definitely should, it is honestly one of the most beautiful places to visit. There is always something to do and everything you do has this unbelievable view. I can’t wait to go back. Anyone have any recommendations of restaurants or things to do there for my next trip?

S vlogged the whole trip and I’ve added his YouTube videos below, so you guys can see the actual beauty of this place.

Remember to stay fabulous.





Jade says:

This article truly captures the essence of what Cape Town has to offer. It is a stunning place full of adventure and a soulful energy. So many things to do and so many wonderful places to stay as well. One such place I found to be particularly restful and family-friendly was Welgelegen Boutique Hotel.

Admin says:

Thanks so much for reading it 🙂 Cape Town has definitely stolen my heart and I can’t wait to go back. I will definitely keep that hotel in mind, thank you!

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