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Valentines Day

2 February 2017 | No Comments

Hello Lovely

The month of love is upon us and as many people as there are out there that loathe it, there are as many that love it. S and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day purely because you shouldn’t go out of your way to spoil your special person once a year. It should be a spontaneous thing. S and I celebrate 9 years of being together today (Happy Anniversary Boo). It’s really insane to think that it has been that long. I have been asked “how do you guys do it?” so many times. No matter what anyone says relationships are hard work. It’s all about being a team and communicating. Every relationship has its ups and down, everyone goes through certain phases in their lives that can’t be explained. The point is not to give up on each other when times get tough. My biggest word of advise, don’t restrict your partner. Don’t try change them, don’t stop them from doing something they would enjoy simply because you don’t like it. Encourage them to go out with “the boys”  and to have a life outside of the two of you because people get lost in relationships. You land up losing who you are and that’s when the unhappiness sets in. It’s ok not to be with them every second of everyday. It’s ok to experience things without them because then you have your own story to tell. Support one another. Trust one another. Respect one another. You can’t go wrong.

So now that my Oprah moment is over we can get into today’s post. I have put together three outfit ideas for the ladies out there that do plan on celebrating the day. Picking out the perfect outfit for your date could possibly be one of the most stressful things to do but just remember to be yourself. Don’t go over the top if you not that kind of girl but also don’t hide that princess simply because you scared of scaring him off. Just be you. Be real.

All outfits are from Forever New, what I love most about there store is that there is a little something from everyone. The clothing is so beautiful and I am forever awwwing and oooowing.


Forever New Valentines 16

Forever New Valentines 5

Forever New Valentines 15

Casual Cutie

For the casual kind of girl, you can’t go wrong with a simple dress. Pick out something comfortable, and something that will make you feel pretty. This off the shoulder Jocelyn Mini  Forever New Dress is an absolute beauty! I can’t get enough of it. I felt so pretty and flirty in it. Exposed shoulders are the new in thing and I personally think its quite sexy. I paired the dress with some flat sandals and this cute Lucy clutch bag from Forever New. This look is perfect for a breakfast or lunch date.


Forever New Valentines 9

Forever New Valentines 6

Forever New Valentines 7

Mysterious Missy

I don’t know why some girls feel they need to steer clear of black on Valentines Day. I feel like black is such a powerful, confident and mysterious colour. I love black clothing, no matter the season or occasion. Added bonus it makes you look smaller, I know I said be real and be you but this isn’t really that deceiving. I went for an all black outfit here, these Heidi High Waisted Pants from Forever New are incredible. They are super comfortable and the fabric is amazing. I paired them with this Forever New Lola Flare Sleeve Off the Shoulder top. Isn’t this top just the prettiest. I threw on a pair of flats and grab an envelope clutch. Don’t fear the dark side, it’s sexy over there. I feel like this look is perfect for a breakfast, lunch or dinner date, all depending on the restaurant that is.


Forever New Valentines 12

Forever New Valentines 13

Forever New Valentines 10

Pretty Princess

We all have a little princess in us. And if you feel the need to bring her out, the honey you bring her out. I felt like Cinderella in this Willow Bardot Hi-Lo Prom Dress from Forever New. The dress is super glamy and I love it. I honestly felt like a total princess, it was magical. Remember that it’s best to show your true colours right from the beginning. Don’t be the Princess Mia and hide your identity. Own that crown and be the true princess that you are. And if he doesn’t like it then he’s not your kind of prince.

I really hope that these three looks have give you some kind of inspiration for the day. Makeup wise, I would stick to the rule of K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Sista! Wishing you all a magical love month.

Have a fab day and remember stay fabulous!





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