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Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Review

2 November 2016 | No Comments

Hello Beauties,

Summer is officially upon us, this heat is getting out of control. I’m actually slightly worried as to how hot December it is going to get if this is the heat Johannesburg is already experiencing. And I’m not even going away!!!! *CROCODILE TEARS* You’ll find me swimming in my bath tub. For those of you that have followed my blog for a while you will know how pedantic I am about dry skin. I find that there is nothing worse. I can go from being the happiest girl in the world to the moodiest in 0.02 seconds if I don’t get cream on my dry hands. S constantly has dry skin and it grates my cheese. I have to force him to put cream on all the time, he bitches and moans for a bit but it’s for his own good. One day he’ll thank me because he won’t look like a dried up prune. He hates the greasy feel that it leaves on his skin, so when I came across the Vaseline Intensive Care non-greasy Spray I HAD try it out. This could put an end to dry skin fights.

There are three variations of the spray – Aloe Soothe Spray (green), Deep Restore Spray (yellow)  & Cocoa Radiant Spray (brown). The product comes in a 190ml tall matte bottle with a rotating nozzle. Each of them have a very pleasant smell. The sprays retail for R89.99 each and can be purchased at most stores. I bought mine at Dischem.

All three sprays are perfect for dry skin and are enriched with micro-droplets of Vaseline® Jelly. So what’s the difference? Well… The Aloe Sooth Spray is enriched with aloe, aloe is a conditioning agent known to keep your skin fresh and feeling hydrated. The Deep Restore Spray helps with restoring dry skin, leaving it looking and feeling healthy. It contains twice as much Vaseline® Jelly & contains Oat Extract. Oat Extract is known to repair and deeply nourish the skin. The Cocoa Radiant contains pure cocoa and gives your skin a beautiful glow. The smell reminds me of being on the beach.

The application is super easy, hold the bottle approximately 10cm from you skin and spray away. The products are so lightweight and they dry so quickly. It leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed and looking amazing. Vaseline’s Intensive Care spray’s really are perfect for people that hate that greasy feeling after applying a moisturizer. My favorite is the Cocoa Radiant Spray because I’m all about glowing skin. If you suck at moisturizing your skin I would recommend that you purchase the Deep Restore bottle.







Remember that winter is not the only drying season. Exposing your skin to the super intense summer sun causes the skin to lose it’s natural moisture. Your skin is an overall reflection of your wellness, so look after it and yourself. I strongly recommend the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray’s, all three get a huge thumbs up in my books.

Have you tried any of the Spray’s out? What are your views?

Have a fabulous day!




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