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Weekend Vibes

9 November 2015 | No Comments

Happy Monday Loves.

The weekends come and go so quickly, I seriously think that all countries should implement a 4 day working week and 3 day weekend. Everyone would be so much happier. This past weekend my human and I were invited to do a tasting at a dessert store. I definitely couldn’t pass up that opportunity, sweet food is the best food. I’m not going to tell you anything other than I ate so much I could barely walk. My review will be up shortly. Other than the tasting I spent my time laying around the pool, cooling off and soaking up some sun. My outfit for the weekend was pretty casual and perfect for the super hot weather we experiencing in South Africa. This graphic tee from Mr Price has become one of my favorites!

Mr p7

Mr p9

Mr p8


Mr p4

Mr p6

Felt Hat & Sunnies – Cotton On

Tee – Mr Price

Shorts – Cotton On

Sandals – Free2bU

Handbag – Colette by Colette Hayman

Wishing you all a super short & successful week.



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