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20 April 2014 | 1 Comment



My name is Dee & I’m a shopaholic. Welcome to my blog. Here’s a little bit about me.

I’m 27 years old and live in South Africa. Before your imagination runs wild, no I do not have a pet lion, I do not ride an elephant to work & I do not live in the bush. I’m a makeup & fashion addict. My blog is my little space where I share my outfits & makeup finds. It’s my total escape from reality. A little FYI…my blog once upon a time was called Oh So Chic.

The best form of relaxation for me is being on the couch with my pooches watching my favorite chick flicks or reruns of series. Mean Girls (hence the name)… The Notebook… Bridesmaids… Easy A… Gossip Girl… Sex & the City. Just to name a few.

I’m a total lover of life, you only live once, so make sure you make the most of it. I am a wee-bit of a drama queen – what’s life without a bit of drama. I’m quite shy when you first meet me but when I get comfortable then the real fun begins. 

I firmly believe that I was a gangster in my past life and I try channel him or her by blasting hip/hop or rap music while rolling through the hood. I love making people laugh. I suffer from resting-bitch-face syndrome however I assure you I am a very happy individual. 

Thank you for visiting my little space. I hope you enjoy my journey and be sure to be back for more.




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