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Adventure Sunday – 44 Stanley, Auckland Park

11 June 2018 | No Comments

A few Sundays ago, I told S that I wanted to go to The Living Room in Maboneng. We had never been, I had heard great things about it and I figured why the hell not. That Sunday was one of my favorite, to date. Getting out and doing something different, just S and I, was so lovely. The vibe was fabulous, cocktails were great and the food was delish (they had some nice Vegan options for all you veggie heads). I decided that I wanted to dub Sundays… Adventure Sundays. I want to make a point of trying out new places and just getting out an exploring a little more. For most of us, we spend a Sunday being lazy and then land up getting supes depro because Monday follows. I hate that, weekends come and go far too quickly. And some become a waste because we don’t use it doing something valued or fun or exciting. I refuse to go through that anymore. Life is seriously too short, it’s too short to spend it doing the same things over and over again. Going to the same places we always do, just because it’s comfortable. I live in an amazing city and it’s time that I explore it.

I decide that when I go on these outings, that I would use them as an opportunity to put together a blog post of the place that I explored. This way, I may introduce you to a place that you never knew existed, or you knew of it but weren’t to sure what to expect. I can tell you all about the pros and cons and what to do and what not to do. Sadly I didn’t take any snaps while I was at The Living Room, thankfully it gives me a reason to go back. So I will do a post on that place soon. This past Sunday, we took a trip to 44 Stanley in Auckland Park. S and I have been there before with friends for a quick brekkie but I could barely remember us being there. So off we went.

“The most established precinct on the edge of downtown Joburg, 44 Stanley is a mixed use development that fuses downtown urbanism with a subtle sophistication. A mix of carefully-curated, bespoke stores and independent restaurants gives the centre an authenticity that runs through eating, drinking, shopping, working and living experiences. Shady arcades and green courtyards between what was once a series of industrial 1930’s buildings make this a unique Johannesburg space.”

I feel as if 44 Stanley is one of Joburg’s hidden gems, with its vibrant atmosphere, cute stores and little eateries – you simply can’t go wrong. The trick though for a place like this, especially on a Sunday – as S and I learned very quickly – is to get there early. You have a choice of two gorgeous shaded courtyards. The courtyard where you will find Salvation Cafe is a lot more chilled and laid back, whereas the Courtyard where the Il Giardino is, is a lot more vibey and upbeat. The bespoke shops are too die for, I fell in love with a store called “The Storer”. I honestly wanted to ask if I could just move in. If you are all about interior decor, then this store is for you, they have a wall made of plants!!! I mean, how amazing! Do yourself a favor and pop in, you won’t be disappointed. The store is full of lush plants, luxury clothing, artsy jewelry, beautiful thick rugs, one of a kind furniture and cruelty free body products.

I really wanted to have a sit down at Il Giardino & The Room but it seemed as if this was the place to be, and unless you book or get there early enough to secure a seat, you might be waiting around for a while. The restaurant is shaded by gorgeous olive trees and surrounded by beautiful fountains, while a live band entertains you. The Room can be used for functions and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! The furniture is rustic, totally my vibe, and it has plants hanging from the wooden beams.

For all you coffee addicts, there is a really nice spot called Bean There – I think it may only be open until Saturdays. Calling all choc-aholics – Chocoloza will be right up your alley – enjoy a hot chocolate while watching chocolate artistry come to life right in front of you. Chocoloza also hosts workshops during the week. For all the fashionistas, find one of a kind clothing by local and international designers. A store that caught my eye is Lucky Fish, the patterns and materials are just too beautiful for words. Lulu Bailey, the owner of Lucky Fish, imports all things that she finds beautiful and authentic. There is definitely a little something for everyone at 44 Stanley – there are beauty salons, book stores and a store full of vinyls. A total must see, it’s so refreshing to be out in the open, taking in the winter sun and fresh air. We are all far too use to being huddled up in doors that we often miss out on the magic of the outdoors.

Luckily living in Joburg, our Autumn/Winter isn’t too crazy. I threw on a long sleeve dress and chunky scarf from Cotton On, my Riva Funnel Neck coat from Forever New, a pair of sheer pantyhose & my Rubi Sock Boots and I was as snug as a bug. I felt super sassy in this outfit and the Sock Boots from Rubi are giving me life at the moment, I can’t wait to pair them with many more outfits.

If you guys have any recommendations of places to go in Joburg, that you think I may find interesting, please let me know in the comments below. I am trying to channel my inner Dora the Explorer.

Wishing everyone a warm and fabulous week ahead! And remember:

“Spend your life with people who make even going to the grocery store an adventure.”




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