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August Rush

8 August 2016 | 1 Comment

Well Hello August. You came quicker than expected.

We all look at the start of a new year as the start to a new chapter. New goals are set and we start thinking of ways to make this one better than the last. I’m sure that there is a lump sum of people that get this right and then there are the others like me, that get it…not so right. Life always seems to throw some kind of curve ball. The end of the year is slowly creeping up on me and I haven’t done HALF the shit I wanted to do. Sadly, I know I won’t be able to reach all my goals by the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December 2016. I know what you thinking, don’t be so negative, but I’m not, I’m being realistic. I work in the events industry and our busy season starts now, so I say goodbye to sleep, goodbye to a social life and I welcome zombie-mode with open arms.

These were the goals I set for myself in my post New Year, New Blog {read more… click here}

* Travel More (whether it be inside or outside South Africa)

* Be Open to New Experiences

* Smile More (Resting-Bitch-Face-Syndrome really is a pain in me arse)

* Love More

* Try eat less Nutella 

* Learn something new

I traveled a little, certainly not as much as I wanted to. I went through to a cabin in the woods with some friends. I holidayed in Cape Town for the first time ever, it was such an incredible holiday and every day I wish I could go back. Sadly that was it! Disappointing to say the least. I did a zip-line tour in Magoebaskloof, that was my best experience this year, zip lining over waterfalls and concurring my fear of heights. I was open to experiencing Oppikoppi but then…you know…life happened. The smiling more part I’m still really working on, I promise I will not give up until I find a cure for my resting-bitch-face syndrome. One goal that I certainly reached was loving more. Giving my whole heart to the people that mean the world to me. My biggest fail was eating less Nutella, I mean come on. Nobody saw me achieving that one, my motto in life is “a teaspoon of Nutella a day will keep your worries away.” As for learning something new, the curve ball life has thrown me has taught me a whole lot of new things (hence all my Oprah moments). Those I won’t get into today because we’ll probably be here a while, but you are more than welcome to go check them out:

Out with the Old, In with the New


What Dreams May Come

No Regrets

That’s a whole lot of Oprah moments. I’ve decided that instead of looking at my absolute fail of a goal list, I’m just going to look forward to what’s to come. I’m currently busy fixing up my beauty room, so hopefully in the next two months or so I can start filming again, just in time for Halloween. I am also becoming a mom for the first time ever. Her name is going to be Chloé and she is a miniature schnauzer, I couldn’t be more excited about this. I can assure you that she will more than likely be in all my Snapchat’s and a couple of Instagram posts. Maybe I’ll even create an account for her. KIDDING!

Something I did accomplish this year, without even setting a goal is shopping less. I must say I’m super proud of myself for this one, the shopaholic in me decided she needed a holiday but I can feel she’s on her way back. When I see something I want, I gotta have it. Well my inner shopaholic has to have it. She has ALWAYS wanted a pair of sparkly gold pointy toed heels. All the pairs that I came across over the years were simply too high or WAY out of my budget. One day I was browsing through Zando, as I usually do during my lunch breaks and there they were. The Madison Tribeca Gold Glitter High Heel, my heart lit up! It was definitely love at first sight and I knew that I couldn’t let them get away. I love that you can pair the shoe with a causal outfit, like I did in this outfit shoot or you can pair it with a sexy little number. Sparkly shoes for the win!






“She who leaves glitter behind is never forgotten.” – Anonymous

Jersey – Forever New

Scarf – Cotton On

Pants – Forever New

Handbag – Colette by Colette Hayman

Shoes – Madison

Remember to never give up. Wishing you a fabulous day!





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