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Babor Skinovage

5 October 2018 | No Comments

One of my biggest goals in life is to be comfortable in my own skin, that’s why skincare is so important to me. As a teen I struggled badly with my skin and all I wanted was to find a brand that helped me achieve healthy looking skin. It is no secret that BABOR has stolen my heart. I am in total awe of the brand and what it has to offer. I have been using BABOR for just over a year and nothing compares to the quality of their products. Naturally I have hormonal break outs as I am no longer on the pill but aside from that, BABOR has helped keep my skin looking healthy and glowy. If you haven’t heard of BABOR before then let me school you a little, BABOR is a luxury skincare brand that started in 1956 in Germany. BABOR is very committed to the environment and nature conservation. Their precision formulas are based on innovative active ingredients.

Their ampoules are my number one product, nothing gives my skin the added boost that it needs like BABOR ampoules. BABOR was kind enough to send me their new Skinovage range that recently launched and I was unbelievably excited to try it out. Off the bat, I was intrigued by their serum – I’m all about that serum life. Before diving into each product, as always, let me tell you a bit more about the Skinovage range:

The Skinovage range’s main active ingredient is based on a groundbreaking insight obtained from epigenetic research. The research has proven that our genes do not determine as much as we have believed that they do. A mere 30% of the aging process is genetically predetermined and a whole 70% is influenced by outside factors such as diet, lifestyle and the correct skincare routine. This is where the new Skinovage range comes into play, The EpigenTech Power Peptide can be found in every Skinovage product, the peptides main aim is to make sure that the genetic information that is responsible for maintaining the youthfulness of our skin is utilized for longer. BABOR has developed the following products to suit different skin types:

Moisturizing – for dry skin

Calming – for sensitive skin

Balancing – for combination skin

Purifying – for oily, blemished skin

Vitalizing – for tired skin

There is definitely a little something for every one. I have been using my BABOR Skinovage products since July and I’m truly loving the results. Each product has a number on it, to make following the correct sequence of using the products easy.

Cleanser – Exfoliate/Mask – Serum – Eye Cream – Cream

Lately I have been using the Gentle Cleansing Milk as my cleanser and my skin has been loving it, as the name says it all, it gently cleanses your face, washing away all makeup. Leaving it feeling super soft and fresh. Once the cleansing is done, twice a week I go in with the BABOR Skinovage Purifying Mask.

The mask is a clarifying mask, it has been specially formulated to help with blemished skin and to mattify any oiliness. The salicylic acid in the mask helps soften any rough skin and prevents bacteria. In just 10 minutes your skin will feel super soft. The mask is enriched with jojoba oil and sunflower oil, these oils help condition the skin and soften it. The kaolin and clay help mattify the skin & SUPER PURE extract gets rid of impurities.

The texture is quite creamy and a little product goes a long way – I use a brush to apply it to my skin. It’s a super mild formula and gentle on the skin. It has a very mild sweet scent – it’s nothing over powering. The 50ml mask retails for R580.00. Hands down one of my favorite high end masks.

Right after masking I go in with my absolute favorite product of the Skinovage range, I’m not entirely sure what my obsession is with serums but its real. I received the Skinovage Vitalizing Serum, the serum is the third step to your skin care routine. I feel as though serums are super important to any skincare routine, due to it’s active ingredients, it penetrates the skin a lot deeper leaving your skin feeling smoother, firmer, your pores will appear smaller and your skin will be extra moisturized.

The amazing thing about the Skinovage Vitalizing Serum is that it contains Blue Light Protect Complex, this protects your skin against premature aging caused by exposure to blue light. The Energy Plus Complex in the serum helps with skin regeneration and cell renewal. I love applying this serum to my skin and the smell is amazing. The product is super lightweight, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight at all. I usually allow it to sink completely into my skin before going in with step 4. The serum retails for R1180.00.

As you get older, your under eye area becomes less and less appealing. Any slight tiredness is given away, fine lines form, those dread dark circles. Honestly, it’s a woman’s worst enemy. Finding a good under eye cream is much needed. The Skinovage Calming Eye Cream is packed with Vitamin E, macadamia nut oil, allantoin and polysaccharides which aid in supplying intense moisture. The smooth creamy eye cream is perfect if you have a highly sensitive under eye are. It reduces redness and calms the skin.

If you struggle with tired and a stressed under eye area then maybe give the Skinovage Vitalizing Eye Cream a try. It contains pomegranate, caffeine, green tea and probiotics which reduces dark circles and bags. I have my eye on this eye cream because lord knows I need it right now. Both under eye creams retail for R880.00.

And no skincare routine is complete without a great moisturizer. Moisturization is key! I can not stress thing enough. There are two things that I absolutely love about this Skinovage Balancing cream  – 1. The smell, is too die for and 2. it is so lightweight and settles into the skin so beautifully. I cant stand a cream that’s heavy and leaves for your skin feeling greasy. The Balancing Cream is enriched with Sebucon complex, this assists in regulating combination skin by reducing the sebum flow in oily areas and increasing it in dry patches. My skin is always left feeling so fresh and radiant after application. This cream can be used day and night. The Skinovage Balancing cream retails for R1200.00.

All  products can be purchased on BABOR South Africa {click here…}. The packaging of the range is simplistic and sophisticated. I honestly don’t have a single bad thing to say about any of the products, I would only swap out my Calming Eye Cream for the Vitalizing Eye Cream as I am struggling with my dark circles at the moment. BABOR truly is an exceptional brand and if you are all about skin care then I highly recommend that you give the brand a go, your skin will love you for it.

Have you tried any of the BABOR products? Which are your favorite?

I hope you beauties have a fantastic day and remember “Skincare FIRST!”




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