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“Florals for Spring… groundbreaking”

17 October 2016 | No Comments

Hello Beauties,

The universe has really been challenging me this year, punch after punch. Somehow though I always manage to punch back. Last weekend, myself and S were off to a wedding. I was rather excited because we haven’t had much time together, with the new puppy and both of us being so busy with work, we haven’t managed to make time for each other. So we both got all dressed up, dropped Chloe off at the parentals and off we went. On our way to the wedding we realized we needed to fuel up, and so we stopped at a station. We filled up and the next thing, the car just dies on us. Long story short, we missed the wedding, our dear friends rescued us from the middle of nowhere and that was our weekend ruined. At this point I was just so over life and its bullshit. I felt like I was officially losing control of my emotions. We all know that saying when life gives to lemons add the tequila but seriously there is only so much tequila that you can take before you lose total control. So I did what every girl would do… I confided in my mom. She always says the right things and puts things into perspective for me. She gives me the right amount of comfort before telling me to man the eff up and to grab life by the balls. I felt so dumb for breaking down but to be honest you can’t be strong all the time. We need to learn to let ourselves feel, to let ourselves cry. A good cry every once in a while always helps. Breaking down doesn’t make us weak, it makes us human and if anyone tells you otherwise I give you full permission to punch them in the face.

Like my dear Mama Mira says “Sheeeet happens, it’s life, there is no point in getting upset about things that are out of your control.” And she’s right, sitting around being miff about the car is not going to change the situation, it is what it is. Pay to get it fixed and move on. It applies to everything in life I guess. “When you fear your struggles, your struggles then consume you. When you face your struggles, you overcome them.” Life can’t always be sunshine and rainbows, a bit of a storm needs to be thrown in the mix to spice things up a little. As hard as it is try see the brighter side of life.

The brighter side of this post is this adorable dress from Forever New. I had purchased it for the wedding but nobody got to see me in it. *SAD PANDA* This dress is by far the girliest dress I own, at first I wasn’t too sure but with it being the first wedding of Spring, I thought the dress was quite appropriate. I know what you thinking… Florals for Spring but I couldn’t help myself. This is the Claudia V Neck Frill Dress, I purchased it from Forever New’s factory outlet for R395.00. A total bargain if you ask me. I’m sure some of you have picked up how much I love purchasing items that you can dress up or down. It applies to this dress too. Pop on a pair of heels & grab a clutch or a pair of cute sandals & a sling handbag and you are good to go.





Wishing you an amazing day ahead. Remember to keep a positive attitude and everything will fall into place like it’s meant to.




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