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Happy Birthday to Me!

29 May 2017 | No Comments

Hello Beauties,

My cousin and I went for a quick lunch just the other day and we began discussing outfits for my birthday shindig. The first question that crossed both our minds was… “what does a 27 year old dress like?” Both of us are big home bodies and on the occasion when we do go out, it’s usually to a friends braai/barbecue. The dress code for that is usually so casual. We sat there, both quite clueless as to what was acceptable as a party outfit for someone our age. I’m still at the stage in my life where I am trying to determine my style. I think all these unanswered questions that I have travelling around my head are whats holding me back. “Do I dress too casual?”, “Is that top too young for me?”, “Can I even pull that look of?”, “Should I dress smarter?” Then the next big question followed… “Am I acting like a 27 year old?” The more I thought about it, the more it scared me. The more I started to think that I don’t in fact act like a 27 year old, that I am not where I am meant to be. The only reason I thought this was because I was comparing myself to others. That is the worst kind of poison. We have to stop comparing. We are all guilty of it and yes it’s super difficult at times not to compare but you have to look at yourself for who you are and what you have accomplished. As soon as I started thinking this way, I started to feel a little better.

No, I’m not married. No, I don’t have a big fancy house. No, I haven’t traveled enough. No, I don’t dress as smart as I should sometimes. And you know what? I’m OK with all those “nos” because what I have accomplished is amazing. Yes, I have a wonderful home. Yes, I have an incredible partner. Yes, I have two amazing yet naughty children (aka the dogs). Yes, I have a good job. Yes, I am doing something I love – and that’s creating content for you lovelies. I feel like we put so much pressure on ourself to be at a certain point, at a certain age, we land up losing sight of what’s truly important… enjoying life, having fun and making the most incredible memories.

The answer to my unanswered questions. “Yes, I do at times dress too casual”, “No, that top is not too young for me… Rock it Sista”, “Yes, I can pull it off, I can pull of anything as long as I wear it with confidence”, and finally “Probably not, but who cares.”

I may not know what a 27 year old should be dressing like and I may never find out but I dig the way I dress and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Today’s outfit, is an outfit I like a LOT! I was on the hunt for over the knee boots for quite sometime. I wanted to find the perfect pair. I popped into Cotton On to take a look at there knitwear and VIOLA!! There they were – the beautiful boots, I bagged them without hesitation and walked out the store singing “Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee!” I am totally obsessed with them, they are super comfortable and I feel super sassy in them!

I am huge into my over sized jerseys and this one has easily become a fave! H&M (in South Africa) is currently having a “BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE” jersey. The fabric is soft and feels great on my skin. It has too slits on the side too add a bit of sexiness. I absolutely love my birthday look. What do you think?

I have honestly had one of the best birthday weekends ever and it’s all thanks to my friends and family! I love you guys, thank you for tolerating my high maintenance Princess ass. To my mom… I love you! Thank you for all that you have done for me, and congratulations LOL. This time 27 years ago, the best thing entered your life. To my dad… thank you for raisig me to be the Ultimate Princess that I am.

Just remember that age is merely the number of years the world has enjoyed you.

I hope you have a FAN-TASTICAL day.





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