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Happy New Year

1 January 2017 | No Comments

Happy New Year Beauties!

2017…can you believe it. We made it! New Chapter… New beginnings. I can’t wait to get started. Before we totally close 2016’s chapter, I just wanted to quickly reflect on the year. As a lot of people will agree, 2016 was the year of tragedy. It was a horrible year for most of us and to be quite frank… good riddens to it! However, I feel that as tragic as the year was, it was also the year of lessons, or as Kylie Jenner would say… “the year of realizing stuff.” There has to be some sort of positivity and I think learning some life lessons is definitely it. I thought I’d share three of the major things that I realized this year.

It’s Okay!

First and foremost things don’t always turn out the way you want them too and that’s okay. As we all know, life’s a bitch. If it were easy, it would be a slut. We constantly set goals for ourselves and expect to achieve them within the year. Travel goals… Gym goals… Relationship goals… Work goals. The disappointment sets in when these goals aren’t reached. I didn’t met my traveling goals this year, one of my many goals and you know what… that’s fine. I have my whole life to travel and I will make it happen, clearly now was just not my time. “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.” Don’t feel discouraged or give up just because what you planned didn’t quite turn out right.

You Got this!

Second… heartache and struggles are inevitable. We all go through them at some point. It’s how you choose to deal with it that changes everything. I had my days where I felt like I didn’t even want to get out of bed, like I had a thousand reasons to cry and I kept asking “why me?” but I just kept reminding myself of everything that I did and do still have, I kept reminding myself that I am a good person and eventually my time will come and that little bit of positivity helped me a long way. There is always light at the end of a dark tunnel… my light just so happens to be 2017 (well one can hope hahaha). I am a hell of a lot stronger than I thought I was because of my struggles and that is one of the highlights of 2016. I worked on myself a lot this year, and although I have a long way to go, I dig the girl that I am. She’s a pretty cool chick, a few lose screws but nobody is perfect. The most important thing you can do for yourself during hard times, is to take time out for you. Get to know yourself properly and let yourself heal. You can’t expect to like others if you don’t like yourself!

Fuck Em!

And that brings me to my third point… sometimes, people suck. People can be really nasty and you have to learn not to take it personally. I feel like the way you treat others is a true reflection of how you feel about yourself. The best thing you can do is step away from those individuals. Cleanse your life of any bad vibes. I did a major cleanse this year and there is honestly nothing more liberating than getting rid of toxic people and spending less time of people that don’t add value to your life. So to the family & friends that walked with me through my storm, that never gave up on me, drank wine with me and didn’t simply wait for me in the sunshine… thank you & I love you! Having true people around you can help you get through any struggle or heartache.

As disgusting as the year was I walk away wiser, stronger and even more fabulous and that in itself isn’t so bad after all. Obviously the MAJOR highlight of my year was getting my Chloé. No words can explain the love I have for my little teddy bear and the joy she has brought to my life. So the lesson here… if all else fails… get a puppy!

About the Look







I don’t quite know what to call this look… semi smart? Smart Casual? Chilled but smart? I’ve reached a point where I’m trying to figure out my style again. For some reason I feel as if I have reached an age where I have to establish my style. For now though, I am just playing around with some looks. I paired these casual shorts, from Cotton On, with a basic tank top, smart black blazer, from Forever New, Aldo lace-up flats, my favorite Refinery Sunnies and a choker and wrap bracelet from Romeo Foxtrot Designs. I’m definitely going to be doing some experimenting in 2017.

My wish to you is that in 2017 you don’t stop realizing, because realizing things is actually pretty damn cool (Thanks Kylie). I hope you don’t forget to stop when life gets a little too busy, just to enjoy it and the things and people around you. We so easily forget to embrace our lives because we so busy trying to get from A to B. I wish you love, success, health and wealth. Cheers… to a memorable 2017. I can’t wait to share all that I have planned!

And finally I want to Thank you! My wonderful readers and supporters. You guys are absolute rock stars and I genuinely hope you enjoy my little blog posts! Sending you major kisses.

Remember to stay fabulous!




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