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“I Have Nothing to Wear”

20 June 2017 | 2 Comments

Hello Lovelies,

I can’t tell you how many times I have uttered the words “I have nothing to wear”, my cupboard could be overflowing with clothing and I will still mouth those words. I should rephrase and say “I have nothing NEW to wear.” It’s a total pain in the ass some mornings, trying to put an outfit together. Recently I decided to take part in a competition run by The Muse & Style Muse, it was a 6 day winter outfit challenge. Every day between 5pm and 6pm they would release the challenge for the next day and we would have to post an image to Instagram of what we came up with. I was so excited to take part in this because it pushed me to get creative. The objective was not to buy new items but to work with what you already had. Through this challenge I realised how much I actually had and how I could style things up differently. It just takes a little bit of creativity and Pinterest also saved me.

I thought it would be fun to share what I came up with on my blog. And maybe this will encourage some of you to challenge yourselves. Below I will make a list of what every days challenge was, apply it to your week and see what you come up with.

Day One was all about the coat and a pop of colour. Winter can be a very dull season, and what better way to brighten things up than with a coat that sheds some light on the gloom. I wore a very casual outfit –  A Black Tee from Cotton On, Mid Rise Jeans from Forever New, Black Ankle Boots from Rubi and then I popped on my Nude coloured Forever New Cloak.

Day Two was all about layering. You had to have three or more layers to your outfit. This was slightly challenging for me, I hit a blank for some reason and stood in front of my cupboard for a good 20 minutes. My light bulb went “ding” eventually and I had it. I pulled out a white collared shirt and buttoned it all the way to the top, popped over a jumper to give it a bit of a preppy look. I then decided to add a bit of edge to the preppiness and popped on a leather jacket. Something was missing and I wasn’t quite sure what. In the corner of my room I had a gift box with a long black ribbon and so I used that as a sort of bow tie. I absolutely loved this look.

Day Three we had to accessorize. Scarves are my absolute favourite in winter. I have an entire draw filled with them. I decided to go with crisp and neutral tones. So I picked up  a white scarf, paired that with my cute beige floppy hat and popped on my blanket coat. The colours worked so well together.

Day Four, the attention was on boots. I am obsessed with boots in winter. I’m not the biggest fan of mid-calf boots or boots that just reach my knee. It’s either ankle or over the knee. I decided to go with one of my absolute favourite pairs of ankle boots. These boots are quite versatile because you can dress them up or down and that’s what I love most. I decided to go with quite a casual look and I feel like the boots just completed it.

Day Five was all about rocking it out but glam style. I went for a full black outfit, ripped jeans and my handbag had a chain strap. My boots had a slight heel and the detailing on my jacket added that touch of glam to the look.

Day Six was all about sneakers. I had about 6 different looks in mind for this because I love a good sneaker but settled for something simple and super casual, to run errands on a Saturday.

That was the end of the challenge. I am so glad I did the challenge, it made me realise that I can get creative when I want to. It all boils down to being lazy at times and being a total princess because I feel like I need to have the latest clothing in store. Thank you so much to Nancy from Style Muse and I can not wait for the next challenge.

If you do live in the Johannesburg area check out Style Muse & The Muse on Instagram. They are a team made up of hairstylists, makeup artist, nail technicians and image consultants.

The Muse {click me}

Style Muse {click me too}

Have fun with your clothing. After all that’s what fashion is all about.

Stay Fabulous!





Style Muse says:

Thank you so much for the amazing article ❤️❤️

Admin says:

You are so welcome! 🙂

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