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Travel: Into the Woods – Magoebaskloof, Limpopo

23 February 2016 | No Comments

Hello Lovelies,

One of the items on my goal list this year was to explore more. And so I decided to do a travel diary for my blog. I’m not sure how much traveling I’m going to do this year but I think it would be pretty cool to let you guys know about all the places I go to. As well as if they worth going to. I live in such a beautiful country and it has so much to offer, so before shooting off overseas, I want to explore as much of my country as possible.

 This past weekend I went to the town of mountains, lakes, waterfalls and forests. Just 4 hours out of Johannesburg you will find the mystical town of Magoebaskloof. It was a small get away for the weekend. The town is peaceful and refreshing. The views are so breath-taking, I wanted to stay there forever. I was in total awe of the beauty the town had to offer. We stayed at Stanford Lake Lodge Cabins.

The forest setting was exactly what I needed. Right in the middle of the open plan living room was a fire place, perfect for those chilly nights and from the deck you have a stunning view of the Stanford lake. The cabin was cosy with a well equipped kitchen. There is nothing more relaxing than having a bath with a spectacular view, I was in heaven. It really is the perfect getaway from the busy city buzz. Weather you are into wondering through the woods, fishing, hiking or simply sitting on the deck with a glass of vino taking in the beauty, you’ll love the cabin.

On Saturday, we had booked to do the Magoebaskloof Canopy tour. I was dying a little inside, as I am petrified of heights. I kept reminding myself to man up and that everything would be ok. Having supportive people with me helped a lot. My first question before the tour started was “How many people have died during this?” To my relief the answer was NONE! The tour was unreal, zip lining over waterfalls was so amazing. It was such a rush, and I must say that I am super proud of myself for growing a pair and getting through it. And with that I ticked off another item on my list for 2016 – being open to new experiences. *A quick side note… ladies, expect your hu-ha to be slightly tender after the experience. I was convinced I would never have children, but that was the drama queen in me coming out.

The canopy tour costs R495 per person, it includes a 2 and a half hour Tarzan and Jane adventure. Light refreshments and a meal after the tour. This is their way of ensuring you that you will return back safely.










All in all, this weekend was amazing. I highly recommend Stanford Lake Lodge, Gavin is a lovely host and I will definitely be back.  As for the canopy tour, what an incredible experience totally one worth doing.

Stanford Lake Lodge

Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour

I will be posting a mini vlog of the weekend.

Stay Fabulous!



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