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Little Eskimo Rejuvenating Masks

1 June 2017 | No Comments

Hello Beauties,

How are we doing on this fine day? I’m really excited to be giving my blog some attention. I have abandoned my blog a little too much but sadly life gets so overwhelming and things like this happen. Today’s post is a beauty related review.

I was approached by Jonathan from Little Eskimo to review their rejuvenating eye mask as well as the rejuvenating face mask. To be quite honest, if I had seen this in store I would have thought it was a bit gimmicky. However, I am always open to testing and trying out new products. The idea behind Little Eskimo is using one of nature’s best healers to rejuvenate your skin. Icing has been around for many years and aids in assisting curb inflammation. Little Eskimo’s motto is “Relax your mind, awaken your skin”. Little Eskimo has provided us with a cruelty-free, reusable and an organic method of beautifying our skin. But does it work? I first want to get into what each mask promises and then we will get done to the real business.

Little Eskimo Eye Mask

I love the packaging of the mask, it’s clean & bright and the inside is super cute and quirky with the little cartoon character. It comes with a pouch for the gel mask, to store away when you are not using it. So what does the product claim to do? It claims to reduce puffy eyes as well as redness. It claims to alleviate headaches. It claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and last but not least it claims to refresh your skin after a long day/night.

My thoughts? I can say that it definitely helps with the puffy eyes. Some mornings I wake up looking like Quasimodo and there is nothing attractive about that. So I’ll pop the mask in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes and then once cold enough I pop it onto my face for about 15 minutes, just to reduce the craziness. I have always used cold therapy to soothe a headache, Little Eskimo has now made it easier for me. So instead of filling a cloth with ice cubes, I simply pop the mask on. As for the wrinkles…hmmmm… I sadly can’t vouch for that. Maybe I haven’t been using the product long enough but 2 days before my 27th birthday I woke up with two NEW lines under my eyes!!! I know… the shock… the horror. Ageing is no joke kids. All in all, I’m pretty chuffed with my Eye Mask. It retails for R95.00 on the Little Eskimo website –

Little Eskimo Face Mask

The face mask has the same cute packaging and also comes with a little pouch. The claims are as follows: It ensures skin as smooth as ice. It claims to be the perfect skin primer, helping to minimize your pores. It will help reduce swelling and inflammation. Just like the eye mask it claims to reduce wrinkles and to refresh your skin after a long day/night. It also claims to help control redness and blemishes – saying goodbye to breakouts. Sounds like a miracle mask… but is it?

Well… if you are anything like me and have fairly sensitive skin then you will enjoy this mask. After a shower, my face tends to go blotchy and I get these red patches all over it. My skin then begins to tingle and get super irritated. Popping the mask on for about 15-20minutes really helps. Even though I walk around the house looking like something out of a horror movie. My skin immediately starts feeling soothed and the redness is gone by the time I remove the mask. Although many beauticians claim that – heat does not open up your pores, and cold does not minimize them – I feel differently. My pores definitely appear smaller after applying this mask, especially after a hot shower. The mask has two Velcro straps, helping it stay on your face. No matter how cute you are, that selfie that you want to take will be the furthest thing from cute. I gave myself a fright walking past a mirror. That really is the only down side to the mask. I don’t necessarily think that it is a miracle mask but it’s definitely helped me when I needed it to. The mask retails for R185.00 on the Little Eskimo site.

All in all I’m pretty glad that I gave these two masks a go. There is honestly nothing worse than irritated skin and knowing that I have something to soothe that is amazing. Little Eskimo have built a great network considering they only launched in December 2016. The products can be found in nearly 200 stores across South Africa. The company has a few more projects in the pipeline, and trust me when I tell you that they are pretty darn exciting so keep an eye out.

Wishing you a beautiful day and remember to stay fabulous!




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