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12 September 2016 | No Comments

“I hate my hair.” “I hate that my thighs are touching.” “I want curly hair.” “I’m so pale I need a tan.” “My boobs are too small.” “I need a bigger ass.” “She’s so pretty, I wish I looked like her.”

Does any of this sound familiar? I’m extremely guilty of this. I’d rather point out all my “flaws” than mention what I do like. It’s so much easier to look at another girl and wish to have what she has but you need to ask yourself, if you got what she had, would you be happy? Or rather, how long will you be happy for? Until the next “perfect” looking female comes along and you want what she has too? The pressure that we put on ourselves to look a certain way is absolutely ridiculous. It’s starts off young, playing with dolls like Barbie that have a size 0 waistline and then this continues through to your teenage years when you start getting exposed to social media and become more conscious of your image. From there it becomes an obsession to look “perfect”, “flawless”, “sexy”, and “beautiful”. The media makes it very hard for us “normal” people to feel good about ourselves. We get bombarded with what a woman should look like in magazines and on TV. As hard as it is we need to remember that those celebrities wouldn’t look as good as they do if it wasn’t for their glam teams, if they didn’t have easy access to personal trainers and if they didn’t have readymade healthy meals.

I have overheard countless conversations between girls, of all ages, about their image. Don’t for a second think that I haven’t been one of those girls because again I’m guilty of it. I cake my face with makeup on a daily basis in hopes that I will look decent. We set such high standards for ourselves that we making it almost impossible to love ourselves and have self-acceptance. We live in a very superficial world and nothing will change that. A person’s image has become everything. Perfectionism is quickly becoming many peoples down fall. I see it as a disease. Woman have started going to the extremes to achieve this look of perfection with no concern for their health. What does perfection look like? I can guarantee you that if I had to ask a group of woman, each and every woman would have a different answer and some may even say that they don’t know. Who came up with the requirements of what perfection looks like? In my eyes, perfection doesn’t exist. Nothing and no one will ever be perfect. Perfection to me would be boring. Stop looking for it and starting looking at yourself for the beautiful person that you are. Stop looking to look like someone else. Why is it so bad to just be yourself?

I know I’m preaching here, and I’m probably the last person that should be. However, Trust me when I say, once you start loving yourself everything changes. Your view on life and on people change. You realize that we are all imperfectly perfect and that’s the best kind to be.

I decided to do this photoshoot with absolutely no makeup on. I have never in my life felt so vulnerable. So naked. I wasn’t comfortable with myself. I stressed so much about it that my stomach was in knots but I had to do it because I had something to overcome. I had to be ok with not wearing makeup. It may seem so silly but for a girl that was teased in Primary School because of her name and then later her weight, it’s a big deal, that kind of thing sticks with you and I’ve carried that with me through to adulthood. I started caring way too much of what people thought about me. I even studied makeup because I became obsessed with covering up my plain Jane face to make it look “glamorous.” I’ve reached a point now where I can say “FUCK EM.” I am me! And if you don’t like what you see, turn the other way and look at someone else. This is me. And I LOVE me! I have my insecurities, I’m human and they will always be there. However, I will fight them every day. With every insecurity that I have, I list two things that I love about myself to over shadow what I think is bad. Remember to appreciate what you look like now because the sad reality is, you will never look this good again. Age is a bitch. When you reach the fabulous age of 50, you will kick yourself for not embracing the fabulous woman that you were “back in the day.”









Remember to do the following:

  1. Stop caring what others think of you.
  2. Stop pressuring yourself.
  3. Stop comparing yourself.
  4. Start telling yourself what you love about yourself.
  5. Do something for yourself every day, something that makes you happy. Even if it’s something small.
  6. And lastly distance yourself from people that bring you down.

One of the greatest things we can do for one another is uplifting each other. Good energy is contagious. Throw it around like confetti.

Thank you once again to GDG Photography for making me feel so comfortable and helping me overcome my little fear. If you would like a special occasion captured – A matric dance, an engagement shoot, your pregnancy or wedding. Contact GDG Photography, use the reference: ThatsTotallyGDG and receive a 25% discount.




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