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Pop Art Inspired Halloween Look

31 October 2016 | No Comments

Happy Halloween,

I finally managed to upload a Halloween tutorial to my YouTube Channel. I am quite bleak because I was hoping to upload at least three Halloween looks but because of my poor time management and the fact that I’ve been crazy busy, I just couldn’t make it happen. One is better than none I guess. My boyfriend surprised me with a ring light, so now I have no excuse not to record when I get home from work. I am so super excited and can not wait to get videos out for you guys.

I really wish Halloween was as big of a deal here as it is in America. Dressing up is so much fun and I’m super bumped that I missed out on it this year because of work. I  have set a goal for myself that I will go to America one year for Halloween. I decided to film a Pop Art inspired look for you as it is super easy and quick for last minute Halloween plans. I’ve always wanted to do this tutorial and I am so glad that I did. There really isn’t much to it, if you don’t have white face paint to draw on the dots then Essence has a gel eye pencil that is real cheap and can work just as well.  I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial. If there are any tutorials that you would like to see, just comment below and I will definitely see what I can do for you. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you don’t miss out on more videos to come.

Stay Fabulous & Freaky!





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