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Respect… Find out what it means to me.

5 June 2017 | No Comments

Hello Beauty,

I wanted to start off the blog post in the most clichéd way ever… a quote. “One of the truest signs of maturity is the ability to disagree with someone while remaining respectful.” – Dave Willis

I feel as if people have lost that sense of respect for one another. I was raised to always respect a person, no matter their lifestyle, religion or political views, regardless of whether or not I agreed with them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you have to respect that. There is a fine line between joking about an individuals ways and disrespecting them. Lately I have seen so much disrespect that it’s nothing short of sad and it is so disheartening. People are so quick to judge someone’s choice without taking the time out to listen and understand why. Making a mockery of someone’s life choice’s speaks volumes of an individuals character – sadly not in a good way. I feel like the respect, or in most cases lately lack of, is an exact indication of the kind of respect you have for yourself. We need to learn to appreciate each other’s difference. This world would be such a boring place if we were all the same.

I’m hoping by discussing things like this on my blog, it might make some people stop and think before offending someone because they don’t share the same views. Without respect there is no love and at this point the world can use as much love as possible. Talking about love…

I fell in love with this cape coat from Forever New. So elegant, so pretty and the perfect winter colour. I love the gold detail on it. Forever New’s coats are always a weakness for me. Another weakness are their jeans. The fit, the cut… everything. For the first time in ages I have found jeans that fit me so well. They are so comfortable and they are quality. Jeans and coats are staple items to me and therefore I don’t mind spending a little extra on them. As I’m getting older, it’s become more about quality than quantity, when it comes to clothing. The boots I picked up from Rubi shoes. In fact, it was a total bargain buy. I bought the boots in black and tan for R800.00. What is a total winter staple item for you?

Petit Alana Cape Coat – Forever New

Ivy Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – Forever New

Three-Quarter Top – Cotton On

Black Booties – Rubi

Handbag – Call it Spring

Bracelet – Romeo Foxtrot Design

Thanks for reading. Remember to respect each other.

Stay Fabulous.




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