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Standing Up For Yourself

22 January 2018 | No Comments

Hello Lovely,

I did a poll over on my Instagram asking if you prefer my fashion posts with a touch of passion (aka real talk) or if you would just prefer a post about my outfit, 73% wanted it with passion. So I think for now I will stick to my preaching posts and for those that aren’t interested in them, you can just skip the written part and look at the pretty pictures. This post I’ll keep short and sweet so maybe it won’t be that bad for the preach haters.

This past week I stepped out of my comfort zone, I manned up and took charge of a situation I have been struggling with. I finally stood up for myself. To some this may seem so unbelievably silly but for me it was a big deal. Having to confront big issues gives me a lot of anxiety but I figured that the only way change was going to happen was if I finally tackled the problem. A persons comfort zone is a wonderful place to be but sadly there is no proper growth there. I had just reached a point where enough was enough. The more of myself I gave, the more they took. This was entirely my fault, I allowed it to happen, I never said no, I basically taught people that it was OK to take advantage of me. I took some time to self reflect and realized that I am worthy of more and I know what I deserve. There was a sudden shift in my energy and it felt good. I know who I am, what I want, what I deserve and I refuse to settle for anything less. I feel as though everyone deserves the best, in all aspects of life but it is up to us to to set ourselves on the right path. You can’t go through life expecting others to speak out for you, your life is your responsibilty and the only way things will get done right, is if you are in total control.

As soon as I took action I felt less stressed, in more control of my life, it was as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I can’t always be nice, I can’t always smile and be OK with something I am not. If you don’t set boundaries from the get go, then sadly people will take advantage of your kindness. I really wish I had put those boundaries in place a long time ago but you live and you learn. I’m at least in a position where I can sit here, tell you my story and hopefully if you are going through a similar situation, that this will give you the motivation that you need to stand up for yourself. Trust me, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, I was suffocating and I thought there was no way out but there is ALWAYS a way out. You just need to take a few deep breaths, analyze the situation, prepare your game plan and take action. It will be scary, it will be daunting but it will be so worth it. Don’t let anyone disrespect you, remember you are a bad ass bitch and you are worth so much more.

“Don’t be afraid to sparkle. She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.”

Talking about glitter, these Madison Heels are my obsession. For years all I wanted was a sparkly pair of heels and when I saw Madison come out with these I snapped them up so quickly (although they are last season though). Statement shoes can turn a simple outfit, giving it a bit of PAZAZ. I have always said that shoes and accessories can totally change an outfit. These ripped mid rise jeans are possibly the most comfortable pair I own, and yes some of you would have guessed it, they are from Forever New. Their jeans just fit me so perfectly and they last for ever, I have yet to own a pair of jeans from Forever New that have disappointed me. Quick question to all the ripped jean lovers out there… how often have you received this joke from an older person… “Ah shame, could you not afford a proper pair of jeans?” Without fail, I get that joke every time. I paired the jeans with a black lace bodysuit that I bought from H&M, adding a sexy element to the outfit and slipped on my favorite black blazer from Forever New. What I love about this outfit is that, with the blazer on, it is work appropriate and if you have made plans for after work and want to sex it up, then honey remove that blazer and you are good to go.

I am wishing everyone a successful week at work. Stay strong and kick some ass.




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