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Food Review: Angelberry

12 November 2015 | No Comments

I am an absolute sucker for anything ice-cream or frozen yoghurt related. So when I got invited to do a tasting at Angelberry, I almost wet myself with excitement (that might have been a bit of an over share – sorry). This past weekend my boyfriend and I took a trip to Angelberry’s Kyalami branch at the Kyalami on Main Shopping Centre. The day was scorching hot and I couldn’t think of anything better than ice cold dessert to eat for lunch.

Angel 2


We were welcomed with a smile and assisted by a lovely lady by the name of Lerato. There was so much on offer. Not just fro-yo but pancakes, milkshakes, hot drinks AND ICE CREAM too. HEAVEN! Before stuffing my face I wanted to get a bit of a background on the franchise. Angelberry is a UK based franchise and was brought to South Africa last year. Angelberry is an all natural product and BONUS… LOW IN CARBS! YUP! You heard me, a guilt-free dessert to enjoy during bikini season.



One of the ingredients in the fro-yo is called Stevia. “What the heck is Stevia?” well let me educate you (lol, I didn’t event know what it was, Google helped me). Stevia comes from a plant. It’s a sweetener that doesn’t add calories. Girl say what??? Yup! I said… ADDS NO CALORIES. I speak no lies. I didn’t even know a sweetener like that existed. The unhealthy part comes in when you start adding your toppings to the fro-yo. Decisions Decisions… sweets or fruit?

 Angelberry has a wide variety of flavours ranging from your usual vanilla, chocolate, strawberry to cookies and cream and crème brulee. Another ah-mazing bit of information is that they have fro-yo to suit all dietry requirements, not only is the dessert halaal but they have diabetic friendly fro-yo and lactose intolerant fro-yo. The pink labels is your standard Angelberry fro-yo, green labels are sugar free & diabetic friendly and there are two blue labels, one is for all lactose intolerant and the other is ice cream.  I personally think this sets them apart from all  the other frozen yoghurt stores. 

Angel 5

Angel 6

 So what did I think? *drum roll*

OH MY SACK! DEE-LICIOUS!!!! Every bite was heavenly. We were treated to fro-yo, ice cream, pancakes AND a tropical blender. I didn’t know what to eat first. I walked out of Angelberry with a smile on my face, a happy tummy and wanting to take a nap because I ate so much. If you are a dessert lover like me, do yourself a favour and head on down to an Angelberry.

Angel 13



Angelberry is available at Food Lovers Market in Nelspruit & Mthatha, Nu Metro Menlyn Park & Kyalami Johannesburg. Keep an eye out for more stores opening soon.

BEST fro-yo in town – for real though!


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