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The Pressure is Real Ya’ll

6 November 2017 | No Comments

Well Hello There Strangers,

It definitely has been a HOT MINUTE since I last did a proper post. I actually can not believe that we are in November. Christmas is around the corner and New Year is going to smack us in the face before we know it. 2017 will be history. I must say I am pretty darn excited for 2018. I have plans and I’m hoping they all turn out they way I would like them to.

 I’ve been in a wee bit of a funk for the past, I’d say two months. No inspiration, no motivation and so I decided to take a little break from blogging. I have posted some YouTube videos but as for my blog, I have neglected it. I’m glad to say that the funk is gone and I’m feeling more motivated than ever. I missed writing but the break was needed. For some reason I put unnecessary pressure on myself to blog. I felt like if I didn’t post at least twice a week, I was failing. It was such a weird thing, the pressure lead to the lack of motivation and inspiration. My blog is my baby. It’s something I love. It’s my creative space. I had to tell myself that there is no one holding a gun to my head forcing me to create content as often as I expected myself to.

I feel like these days we all put a little too much pressure on ourselves, the constant pressure to do more. The constant pressure to keep up with fashion trends and the latest makeup in store and looking fabulous and having a social life. It starts to feel like no matter what you do it’s not good enough, everything becomes a challenge and I just feel like that’s no way to live. When you take a step back and analyse the things you are pressuring yourself about, you begin to realize how unimportant they are. That there would be no pressure if you just took it easy on yourself. Nobody’s perfect. I keep reminding myself that I am one person, I can only do so much and what I am managing to do is great. It feels great, like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Life’s too short to be hopping from challenge to challenge Just take it easy, enjoy yourself and you will see that things start falling into place. For example (although this may seem lame to some, its big to me) I have been on the hunt for pants like these for months. Every store I went to became my hunting ground. For some reason I put this idea in my head that I HAD to have these pants, I went crazy. Eventually I gave up and accepted the fact that it wasn’t meant to be UNTIL last week. I was doing a spot of shopping with a friend and I FOUND THEM! What I love about these pants is that they can be dressed up or down. They are so versatile and I’m all about that. I wore this look to the opening of the new Nyx Stand Alone Store in Sandton and the compliments did not stop. The pants are from Zara and I’m in love. I paired them with the most comfortable nude heels in the world from Rubi Shoes. The shoes have a cute floral detail to them around the strap. I then opted for a very basic black top and a sling black bag.

The moral of this post is… there should be no pressure when making a dream come true. Take it easy on yourself. Trust me, it feels great.

Pants – Zara

Tshirt – Cotton On

Shoes – Rubi

Bag – Forever New

Sunglasses – Cotton On

Remember to stay fabulous!




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